When you hold this kit in your hands, it feels complete, when you open this kit, it completes you as a professional. Containing all the essentials and our favourite pigments and blades, it really is the absolute perfection. Kit Contains: Selection of 5 best selling Everlasting pigments, selection of 5 x 20 best selling blade boxes, 2 x stainless steel tools with Everlasting logo, Zensa numbing cream, Feel Better procedure gel, 2 x predraw pencils, 100 x Microbrushes, 100 x prep-pads, 3 x fake skins, 10 pigments rings, 50 x pigments cups, 10 x shavers, 10 x After care sachets, 10 x pencil razors, 25 x after care leaflets, 25 x promotional leaflets, 1 x tool holder, 30 x measuring tapes, 1 x Caliper.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions15 x 12 x 6 in