Everlasting Brows | LINDSEY Microblading Pigment


Lovely pigment for the Microblading treatments!

Sometimes it is challenging to get a variety of pigments to get the desired results. Everlasting Brows solves the hustle of endless search with the LINDSEY Microblading Pigment. With Microblading, the beauty professionals add the tint to the clients' features that last long.

The pigment is caramel colored and provides rich outcomes. By using this product, you will never go down on satisfying the coming clients. The best part is that it does not require any modifier to attain the desired effects.

Readout some product specifications:

  • The texture is creamy and also drip-free.

  • It is highly concentrated.

  • It is suitable to mix with other pigments.

  • The delivered product comes in a 10ml bottle.

It would be best to add it to the cart and get it for the Microblading treatments. The reasons are all above to convince you.

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