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EB | 20 U Shaped 0.18 mm Blades
EB | 20 U Shaped 0.18 mm Blades
Why choose Everlasting Brows® Blades? Our Everlasting Brows® Blades are specially designed to provide the most precise and accurate results for professional makeup artists. These blades are perfect for creating natural-looking eyebrows, as well as other facial features such as lips and eyeliner. The U-shaped design allows for easy maneuverability and control, ensuring a smooth and seamless application. The ultra-fine 0.18 mm size allows for the creation of ultra-fine hair strokes, providing a natural and realistic finish. Our blades are made from the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. They are also sterilized to prevent any contamination during the makeup process. Our Everlasting Brows® Blades are a must-have for any professional microblading artist looking to provide the highest quality services to their clients. Trust us to provide you with the best tools for the job. This high-quality material ensures the longevity of the product. The blades are sterilized to prevent any contamination. Before moving anywhere else, please check Everlasting Brows Topical Anesthetic Gel and Everlasting Brows Nano Blades (20 U-shaped 0.15 Blades).
Everlasting Brows | Box of 20 U-Shape 0.25mm Blades
Everlasting Brows | Box of 20 U-Shape 0.25mm Blades
A high-quality precision with the A1 stainless steel blades! The beauty treatments that a professional does for the clients need the complete stock of the tools. You will perform without interruption if you know that you have a backup of everything. The U-shaped blades from Everlasting Brows are also an item that gets used most. Get these blades for the more precise outcomes that your customers will love. These blades will do the correct work with your strong skills. So, do not think more to get this superior product for the beauty treatments you perform. Some Product Properties: The blades are super thin. Convenient to use. It includes fine hair strokes. Made of Stainless Steel. *One Box contains 20 U-shaped 0.25mm blades. Do not hesitate to move forward and buy the essential item for the improved makeup treatments. You can also go and visit Everlasting Brows Mapping Threads | Everlasting Brows ALEK Microblading Pigment
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Everlasting Brows | Infallible Flat Shading Blades | 3x4 Everlasting Brows | Infallible Flat Shading Blades | 3x4
Everlasting Brows | Infallible Flat Shading Blades | 3x4
$32 $36
Show your master skills with the perfect Flat Shading Blades! The shading technique in the beauty procedures needs to perform well for the highly defined results. Alone Microblading gives wispy results, while shading adds real intensity to the look. Hence, Everlasting Brows works innovatively to design the Flat Shading blades to help specialists form excellent final results. Ombre brows can get designed phenomenally by the use of this tool. It adds a unique touch using a two-tiered design with 12 needles.  Check out the fantastic features: The order will contain a box of 20 blades. It has a two-tiered design along with 12 needles. Excellent flat design. It helps in creating the dispersed look. The beauty experts can perform the brow procedures with incredible Flat blades to create extreme depth. Get it now and make your customers fall in love with the astounding results. You can also go to visit Needle Blades by Everlasting Brows | U Shaped Blades | Brow Pigment Collection
My Absolute Beauty- MINI PMU Machine Mesotherapy Cartridges
Everlasting Brows | Medical Stainless Steel cartridges (Mini)
Revitalize the skin with the right tools! Many permanent or semi-permanent makeup procedures help in younger-looking results. Mesotherapy is also one of the best beauty treatments that beautifully rejuvenate facial skin.  One essential element that makes the process possible is the cartridge. Everlasting Brows has the most durable and efficient Medical Stainless Steel Mini Cartridges that will allow the makeup experts to do the Mesotherapy effectively. The benefits that come with the product are: It helps in achieving the desired results. One pack contains 10 cartridges. Made of Stainless steel. It best fits with our mini PMU device. *Single Use Only. The specialists must have these well-designed cartridges in their collection to never be out of stock while an urgent demand from the client comes. Also, visit: Everlasting Brows Stainless Steel Microblading Tool | Stainless Steel Caliper | Everlasting Brows Juicy Prep Pads
Everlasting Brows | Microblading Blades Everlasting Brows | Microblading Blades
Everlasting Brows | Microblading Blades
from $32
  For semi-permanent beauty treatments, quality microblading blades are an essential tool for reliable results. Often difficult to identify in the marketplace, Everlasting Brows offers a product specifically designed for beauty professionals who demand quality tools for their clientele. Specifications of the Microblading Blades are: You will receive A box of 20 slanted 0.25mm blades. Medical-grade stainless steel gets used. Perfect sloping needle configuration. The expiration date will get mentioned on the pack. Benefits: It provides perfect control during the treatments. It helps the skin to absorb valuable nutrients. (All expired blades are to be used for practice on latex skin, not human skin) With this excellent tool, there are also some other products that you might want to look at, such as InLei® Lash Lifting & Filler Tool and Eyelash Mirror.
Everlasting Brows | Microblading Majestic Tool My Absolute Beauty- Microblading Majestic Tool
Everlasting Brows | Microblading Majestic Tool
from $6
One tool that goes with various blade styles for Microblading Don't want to switch every tool when a new client is in the queue? The Majestic Tool by Everlasting Brows for Microblading is the right tool for every beauty professional. The flexible nature is a noteworthy feature. It is a single-use tool that will help move through client after client in a short time without an autoclave. The adaptability of the device with any blade is terrific. It will pace the process and improve production. Let's see some remarkable things about the Majestic Tool: It is disposable and flexible. It improves the production in a better way. The tool is multifunctional. It works with any blade. Simplify the Microblading and increase the production with a single tool. Also, check Everlasting Brows KIM Microblading Pigment or Everlasting Brows Nano Blades.
Everlasting Brows | Nano Blades (20 U Shaped 0.15 Blades) Everlasting Brows | Nano Blades (20 U Shaped 0.15 Blades)
Everlasting Brows | Nano Blades (20 U Shaped 0.15 Blades)
Shape precisely with the exclusive Nano Blades by Everlasting Brows Are you searching for durable needles for permanent makeup procedures? You reached the right place, dear reader. Everlasting Brows Nano Blades are the smallest in the industry and help provide expert PMU applications every single time. Invest in the nano blades and improve the quality and performance simultaneously. The clients will experience a relaxing time while a beauty professional uses the slim and straight blades design for precision. Note some spectacular benefits: Non-toxic to use. Improved comfort. Durable design. Slim and straight applications. Includes: Box with 20 U-shaped 0.15 blades. A perfect set of tools is a must for every person working in the makeup or beauty field to serve the best to clients. Also, visit Everlasting Brows Microblading Blades | InLei® | Fillering Tool.
Everlasting Brows | PMU Device Cartridges (Mini) Everlasting Brows | PMU Device Cartridges (Mini)
Everlasting Brows | PMU Device Cartridges (Mini)
Pick the right cartridge fit for your clients’ beauty treatments The PMU devices work by using the cartridges containing the product that needs to be applied. Beauty professionals can get mini cartridges for their equipment from Everlasting Brows. These work for the procedures that need the substance to get applied on the lips, brows, or eyes. The blades do not require strenuous efforts to control and help perform the fine detailed work. So, it is no more difficult for the experts to make clear and concise strokes.  Note the excellent characteristics: It consists of sterile stainless steel blades. Easy to control during the treatments. 10 cartridges per pack. It is available in different models like 1 round, 5 round, 5 flat, and 3 round. All the experts can select the cartridge according to their clients’ needs and continue to do the work precisely. Wait, and do not forget to see some other helpful products below. Check out: Everlasting Brows U-shaped Blades | Everlasting Brows YAYA PMU/Microblading Lip Pigment | Everlasting Brows LINDSEY Microblading Pigment
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Everlasting Brows | Stainless Steel Microblading Tool My Absolute Beauty- Stainless Steel Microblading Tool
Everlasting Brows | Stainless Steel Microblading Tool
$10 $17
Design the perfect shape of your clients’ eyebrows with one tool! While makeup professionals perform the treatments, they need tools to hold different blades correctly. A tool for doing the Microblading with perfection is available now! Everlasting Brows has a Stainless Steel Microblading tool that will do excellent work for you. Whether you are using U-shaped or nano blades, this tool will firmly hold all of them. When you are confident about your devices, you perform better with freedom. Hence, you should add it to your Microblading toolkit. Some exciting features are: Made of stainless steel. It is autoclave safe. Comfortable design to handle. Easy to use. We can guarantee that we have convinced you to get this valuable tool for your professional Microblading procedures. You may also like to visit: Everlasting Brows Microblading Majestic Tool | Everlasting Brows Microblading Blades | KIM Microblading Pigment
Infallible Blades | .18 Needle Blades by Everlasting Brows Infallible Blades | .18 Needle Blades by Everlasting Brows
Infallible Blades | .18 Needle Blades by Everlasting Brows
Perfectly shaped brows with correct needle blades Are you a professional in the makeup industry? Then you must know the crucial role of the needle blades in the beauty treatments like semi-permanent ones. These are essential to repeatedly poke the skin to absorb the required nourishment from the applied substance more effectively.  The work needs attention, but a good stock of the needle blades gets undeniably required before that. Add these Infallible Blades from Everlasting Brows in the cart right away without wasting any moment.  Product Includes: A box of 20 slanted 0.18 mm Microblading blades. Important Features:  Blades are consistent. Flexible to use. Versatile in nature. Made of Stainless Steel. It offers high-quality precision. *For professional use. A beauty expert always looks for items for the makeup procedures. See Lash and Eyebrow comb and Eyelash Mirror if you are also in the search.
Deliver Amazing Permanent Makeup Results With The MINI PMU Device Want to know the easiest way to deliver precise and gorgeous permanent makeup? With the MINI PMU Device you can deliver amazing results with this small compact tool with ease! Battery Operated. Reduces client discomfort Smooth application Battery operated

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