Everlasting Brows | Microblading Blades

$32 – $40

Sleek brows are now easy to draw with quality blades 

Microblading needs quality tools and even more attention while dealing with them. The beauty treatments such as semi-permanent that result for some time get chosen by the clients a lot. The Microblading blades are the essential part that slightly disturbs the skin and better absorbs the applied substance.

The best blades are not easy to find as many are available with poor material. It is why Everlasting Brows created the product for savvy beauty professionals willing to use the great tools in the makeup procedures for the clients. 

Specifications of the Microblading Blades are:

  • You will receive A box of 20 slanted 0.25mm blades.
  • Medical-grade stainless steel gets used.
  • Perfect sloping needle configuration. The expiration date will get mentioned on the pack.


  • It provides the perfect control during the treatments.
  • It helps the skin to absorb valuable nutrients.

(All expired blades are to be used for practice on latex skin, not human skin)

With this excellent tool, there are also some other products that you might want to look at, such as InLei® Lash Lifting & Filler Tool and Eyelash Mirror.

10/.25 Needle Blades10/.25 Needle Blades
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