Everlasting Brows | Microblading Blades | Box of 20 Slanted 0.25mm

$25.20 – $35.99


Sleek brows for your clients are achieved with Everlasting Brows!


Everlasting Microblading Blades are stainless steel sharp and precise. The 0.25mm microblading blades will create hair strokes that are vivid, for thick hair structure.

With Everlasting Brows you achieve sleek brows for your clients!

Clients are seeking a beauty professional that can deliver gorgeous eye-catching brows, so then let that be you! That is to say, get expert performance from Everlasting Brows microblading tools!

    • Clearly marked expiration;

    • Medical-grade stainless steel;

    • Perfect control;

    • Slanted needle configuration.

Finding a microblading tool that performs is most of the battle, so this Box of 20 Slanted 0.25mm Microblading Blades is for you! This individually packed tool is in a slanted configuration. It is composed of medical-grade stainless steel with a clearly marked expiration for health and safety inspections. Moreover, it goes above and beyond allowing perfect control and precise hair strokes.

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$35.99 $25.20
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