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EB | All-Around Brown | Pre-Draw Pencil Pack EB | All-Around Brown | Pre-Draw Pencil Pack
EB | All-Around Brown | Pre-Draw Pencil Pack
The Everlasting Brows® All-Around Brown Pre-Draw Pencil Pack - The ultimate tool for outlining brow structure in professional permanent makeup applications. The All-Around Brown Pre-Draw Pencil Pack includes five single-use pencils that are easy to use and hygienic. Simply draw the desired brow shape onto the skin and follow with your PMU treatment. These pencils are perfect for ensuring precise and symmetrical brows every time. The all-around brown shade is versatile and can be used on a variety of skin tones, making it a staple in any PMU artist's toolkit. The single-use design ensures that each pencil is fresh and free of any potential contaminants, making them the ultimate choice for hygienic procedures. Plus, you can easily discard them or give them to your client after use. Whether you are a seasoned PMU artist or just starting out, these Pre-Draw Pencils are a must-have in your arsenal. They are perfect for outlining brow structure and ensuring a perfect finish every time. So why wait? Add the All-Around Brown Pre-Draw Pencil Pack to your cart today and take your PMU skills to the next level! See also: White Pre-draw Pencil Pack; Blonde Brown Disposable Eyebrow Pencil
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EB | Branded Paper Couch Roll | 100 pcs
EB | Branded Paper Couch Roll | 100 pcs
Professional Grade Barrier Cover If you're a professional PMU artist, you know the importance of maintaining a clean and sterile environment for your clients. That's where Everlasting Brows® Everlasting branded Paper couch roll comes in. This professional-grade barrier bed cover is made with 2ply paper, ensuring maximum protection against bacteria and contaminants. Not only is this paper couch roll functional, it also adds a touch of branding and professionalism to your salon. The Everlasting Brows® branding on the roll lets your clients know they're in good hands and will be receiving top-quality services. Measuring at 60cm in width and 50m in length, each roll is perforated every 50cm, yielding a total of 100 pieces per roll. This means you'll have plenty of paper couch roll to last you through even the busiest days at the salon. Not only will the Everlasting Brows® Everlasting branded Paper couch roll protect your clients and keep your salon clean, it will also give your salon a professional and branded appearance, setting you apart from your competition and reassuring your clients that they're receiving the best service possible. Make the smart choice for your salon and invest in Everlasting Brows® Everlasting branded Paper couch roll.
EB | Fluid Proof Trolley Covers | x 50 EB | Fluid Proof Trolley Covers | x 50
EB | Fluid Proof Trolley Covers | x 50
Perfect Protection! Are you tired of constantly replacing your trolley covers or head covers due to stains and damage from fluids during microblading and PMU procedures? Look no further, because Everlasting Brows® has the solution for you. Our branded fluid-proof trolley covers are the perfect solution for professional lash and brow artists looking to maintain a clean and reassuring salon environment for their clients. Made with medical-grade materials, our trolley covers feature a protective layer that does not allow fluids or liquids to penetrate through, ensuring your trolley stays clean and hygienic. The black color and Everlasting logo and icons give a professional and reassuring look to your salon. At a width of 33cm and length of 25m, our trolley covers provide ample coverage for your equipment. Plus, with perforation every 50cm, you can easily tear off 50 pcs per roll as needed. Don't let fluids and stains ruin your trolley covers and affect the cleanliness of your salon. Choose Everlasting Brows® fluid-proof trolley covers and provide your clients with the ultimate peace of mind during their microblading and PMU procedures.
Everlasting Brows | BLONDIE BROWN Eyebrow Pencils (5 pcs) Everlasting Brows | BLONDIE BROWN Eyebrow Pencils (5 pcs)
Everlasting Brows | BLONDIE BROWN Eyebrow Pencils (5 pcs)
Disposable Pre-drawing pencils for Safe applications! Before starting the Brow treatments, pre-drawing pencils are crucial for marking the correctly measured lines. Everlasting Brows has BLONDIE BROWN Eyebrow Pencils that help in the most hygienic implementations. An eyebrow scale and these pencils are the best combinations for accurate markings. The pencils are disposable and are for single use only. After completing the entire procedure, you can give the pencil to your clients, and in this way, they will have their own. Otherwise, you can discard the pre-drawing eyebrow pencil after use. Product Specifications: Skin-safe ingredients. One pack contains 5 blonde pencils. Tried and tested. Made in Europe. Order these eyebrow pencils from Everlasting Brows and get ready for the sanitized start and effective Brow Treatments.  You can also check out: Everlasting Brows Stainless Steel Caliper | Brow Pencil Razors | Eyebrow Measuring Tape
My Absolute Beauty- Brow Pencil Razors
Everlasting Brows | Brow Pencil Razors
Sharpen the mapping tool forever-ready measurements! Every professional knows how important it is to mark the lines with the sharp end mapping tools. Numerous applications can dull the mapping pencils that need to get into the previous shape again. The Brow Pencil Razors provided by the Everlasting Brows will work to maintain the desired pointed shape. We are making it easy for you with our Brow Pencil Razor. Now it is easy to reshape the tip and use the mapping pencils for precise marking of the measured lines. Order now and sharpen every tool that needs sharpening. Product features: One pack contains 10 razors. Made of stainless steel. These are disposable. Best for the pre-drawing pencils. Do not let the dull mapping tool be an obstacle! Get this fantastic product right now and reshape them flawlessly. We know you might also like: Brow Mapping Pencil and Sharpener | Everlasting Brows Eyebrow Measuring Tape | Everlasting Brows Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
Everlasting Brows | Disposable Plastic Trays
Everlasting Brows | Disposable Plastic Trays
Professionally organize your tools and apply products efficiently! The makeup treatments get easy to perform when a palette supports everything better. A professional knows the hustle of switching between the brushes and dishes frequently. But not anymore with one spacious Disposable Plastic Tray from Everlasting Brows. The plate has various separate sections to hold the pigments, mixtures, and brushes accurately. It is one piece of equipment that will help the experts to do the beauty procedures effortlessly. Know about some good features: It includes the tool notches. Both wet and dry compartments. Individual wells to prevent cross-contamination. It keeps the work area neat and organized. It is disposable. Feel free to order the tray and get it to perform the highly organized beauty procedures on your clients. See also: Eyelash Extension Blower | Black Disposable Masks | Selfie Ring Light
Everlasting Brows | Ever-Map Mapping Thread in White 10m Everlasting Brows | Ever-Map Mapping Thread in White 10m
Everlasting Brows | Ever-Map Mapping Thread in White 10m
Ever-Map Mapping Thread in White 10m! Forget about preparing your own mapping thread, EverMap threads are far more effective! Comes in intense white pigment that is skin safe and hypoallergenic, these mapping threads will make your brow mapping procedure effortless. 10m Reel will allow the performing of approximately 20 procedures.  All the makeup experts can buy these high-quality threads and quickly do the mapping for better results in the end. You might also like: Everlasting Brows Shavers | Everlasting Brows Mini PMU Device Cartridges
My Absolute Beauty- Eyebrow Hair Shavers My Absolute Beauty- Eyebrow Hair Shavers
Everlasting Brows | Eyebrow Hair Shavers
An essential tool to shape the clients’ eyebrows with all precision! Shaving the extra hair will never go out of style, and experts know how to do it perfectly. A razor specially designed for removing the hair from the eyebrows of the clients is now available. Everlasting Brows put all the innovation in their Eyebrow Hair Shavers. These are easy to handle and do not require much space in your bag or table. With this, the results will be more precise. So, give your customers the perfection in their brows as they want from you without delay. Wonderful Product Specifications: Light-weight. The pack comes with 10 shavers. Stainless steel blades. Easy to handle and use. Disposable. Your clients will always experience excellent service from you every time with the desired results. Therefore, add this product to your cart and shave the eyebrow hair professionally. Also, visit: Everlasting Brows Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil | Everlasting Brows Microblading Majestic Tool
My Absolute Beauty- Eyebrow Measuring Tape My Absolute Beauty- Eyebrow Measuring Tape
Everlasting Brows | Eyebrow Measuring Tape (Pack of 30)
A quick tool to create symmetry for even brows Eyebrows are the most attractive feature of the face, and naturally, we all have balanced brows. The clients only want the excellent shaping regularly from their beauty professionals. Now, marking the correct symmetry is easy and done with one tool. Everlasting Brows has Eyebrow Measuring Tape that completes the brow treatments effectively. The usage is quite simple in which you need to stick the tape on the head and start measuring.  Suitable for the following procedures: Plucking Shaping Microblading Waxing Product Specifications: Clear/Transparent in color. Individual use. Easy to handle. The order will include 30 tapes in one pack.  Make the measuring easy and focus on the actual process with correct marking. You may also love other makeup tools like Brow Line Mapping String or Brow Mapping Pencil and Sharpener.
Everlasting Brows | PMU Practice Face Everlasting Brows | PMU Practice Face
Everlasting Brows | PMU Practice Face
 A perfect way to practice your work on the dummy face! The experts can not practice directly on the client’s face. But the people who perform the treatments need practice and the ones who started their career in this field. So, we have designed a human-like face to try your procedures and sharpen your skills. PMU Practice Face from the Everlasting Brows will help you become the best with your craft. So, get ready with the practice you need by performing on our Practice face.  Advantages with the PMU Practice Face:  It helps in sharpening the skills. It feels like natural skin. One can practice the lash or brow procedures. The people who want to train themselves more can get this Practice face and go for the applications as much as they want. We recommend you also to check out: Latex Practice Skin | Lash Lift+Filler & Tint kit (with Webinar) | Brow Pencil Razors
My Absolute Beauty- Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil My Absolute Beauty- Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
Everlasting Brows | Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
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Get ready to do the beauty treatments with mapping brows before! Before permanenting the work, it is better to get a rough idea before applying the steps of the beauty treatments. When it comes to dealing with the brows, a tool that draws the picture accurately for you and shows it to the client is easy. Everlasting Brows has the Pre-Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in its product list. The pencil will help the beauty professionals make the correct lines with perfect measurements. In this way, you can get approval from the clients to move forward with the thickness and length. It is easy to draw lines and erase them in case of any mistake.Let’s move on to the advantages we will get with the eyebrow pencil: It can get used as a filler. It gives the idea of the final result to the clients at the starting. It is non-irritating on the skin. 100% mineral-based. **Black pencils have an expiration date. You can also go through M3 Micropore Tape | Micro Brushes for Everlasting Brows
Everlasting Brows | Promotional Cards
Everlasting Brows | Promotional Cards
Better promotion of the Everlasting Brows treatments with small cards! Making people aware of the quality beauty procedures at your clinic feels like a challenging job. However, it is not a big task for the Everlasting Brow treatments. The Promotional Cards are the tools that play a vital role in promoting valuable work. So, we offer the professionals to get these and let the customers understand better. Everlasting Brows Promotional Cards will be going to explain about the fantastic service, and you need to relax. Your only part is to fill out the information about your business on the blank side. It is mainly for the experts to write their essential role and details. Top-notch benefits of the promotional cards: Easy promotions. Compact size. Affordable. Relief from a design by yourself. Therefore, we can say that the clients coming to you can read everything in brief about the Everlasting Brows procedures they will get from you. With these cards, we hope you will also like: Everlasting Brows Pigment Rings | Medical Stainless Steel Mini Cartridges | Everlasting Brows Salon Flyers
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Everlasting Brows | Stainless Steel Caliper
Everlasting Brows | Stainless Steel Caliper
$30 $50
Correctly measure and mark the symmetrical lines with a fantastic caliper! A perfectly balanced pair of brows get r equested by every coming customer. The eyebrow treatments need complete attention while drawing lines to get accurate results. Symmetrical drawing of the correctly measured brow lines is possible with the Stainless Steel Caliper from Everlasting Brows. Beauty specialists can adjust it the way they want for precise measuring. High-quality steel gets used to make this Caliper tool.  Know some exciting factors with the following points:  Made of 100% Stainless steel. It is adjustable. The design is comfortable. It helps to do accurate measurements. Any beauty expert can order it and draw uniform brows based on the face contour of their clients. Also, go to visit: Brow Mapping Pencil & Sharpener | Pre-drawing Eyebrow Pencil | Eyebrow Hair Shaver
Everlasting Brows | WOW Pencil (White) Everlasting Brows | WOW Pencil (White)
Everlasting Brows | WOW Pencil (White)
An efficient tool for the perfect pre-drawing on the brows White pencils are more trending these days among eyebrow beauty treatments. They make less mess and get erased quickly after the work gets done. Everlasting Brows gives WOW pencil in white color for all the experts.  The pack comes with 5 pencils, and each can get used for single use. After the service, you can discard the pencil or give it to the clients. It is a more hygienic way to work on different clients. Excellent product specifications: One pack contains 5 white eyebrow pencils. Single-use pencil. Best for pre-drawing the brow lines. Get it now with one click on the Add to cart button and then wait for the delivery of the product. Later, you can continue the procedures effectively. You may also like Everlasting Brows Aftercare Leaflets | Everlasting Brows Magic Mistake Eraser
Fine tip lip applicator disposable wands x 50 Fine tip lip applicator disposable wands x 50
Fine tip lip applicator disposable wands x 50
Fine tip applicators are most useful during lip procedures. They allow you to use your pigment for a clean application of lip pre-draw or to correct areas where precision is the key. Pack of 50 disposable wands.

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