Lash & Brow Tint

Get bold, thick brows and lush, enhanced lashes with My Absolute Beauty® lash and brow tint product collection. Our InLei® tint is made in Italy and specially formulated to give professionals consistent results.

InLei® lash and brow tint is perfect for those who want to add definition and fullness to their eyebrows and eyelashes. The long-lasting formula will help you achieve thick, bold brows that will last for days. The InLei® tint will also work amazing results for enhancing the look of your natural lashes. Whether you want a subtle boost or a full-on dramatic look, our lash tint has got you covered.

Some key features of our lash and brow tint product collection include:

  • InLei® tint made in Italy for professional-grade results
  • Brow tint for adding definition and fullness to eyebrows
  • Lash tint for enhancing the look of natural lashes
  • The long-lasting formula for bold, thick brows that last for weeks
  • Wide range of shades available to match any hair color

If you are a professional lash and brow technician, My Absolute Beauty® has the products you need. With our high-quality tints and professional-grade formula, you can achieve bold, thick brows and enhanced lashes that will turn heads wherever your clients go. So why wait? Try our lash and brow tint product collection today and see the difference for yourself!

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