InLei® | Lash Lift & Filler (Combo Pack 1)


One combo pack for the entire Lash lift and filling treatment

The professionals know it is about picking the complete Lash Lift and Filler kit from the right brand. InLei® Lash Lift & Filler combo pack gets specially designed for the same purpose. Now, making the lashes of clients long and thick is easy.

The pack includes:

  • 6 sachets of InLei® Form1.
  • 6 sachets of InLei® Fix 2.
  • 6 sachets of InLei® Filler 3.
  • InLei® Fixing Gel.
  • InLei® Silicone Shields | Only (Dolly Curl).
  • InLei® F-Brush set.

Every product of InLei® is gentle and is suitable for even the lashes with the most sensitive eyes.

Product Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Fast in applying and setting.

The best feature of this kit is that it is less messy than other lash kits and uses premium quality ingredients to make the perfect product package for professionals.

InLei® lash lift products are the only products in the world clinically tested for their effectiveness in thickening hair, which increases on average by 24% in just three sessions.

Go to visit: InLei® Lash Filler Instructions | InLei® Lash Lifting & Filler tool.