InLei® | Lash Filler Instructions


InLei® | Lash Filler Instructions

Product description

Accurately do the Lash Filling procedures with an on-point guide

Following the exact steps of the Lash Filling procedure is critical to achieving the desired results. With InLei®, users have a comprehensive, consolidated source of instructions in one place, making the process simpler and more reliable.


Let's know the titles of the main steps in short:

  1. Prepare natural eyelashes.
  2. Protect the skin.
  3. Choice of the curler.
  4. Positioning of the curler and eyelashes.
  5. Apply InLei Form 1.
  6. Removal of products.
  7. Apply InLei FIX 2.
  8. Eyelash tinting.
  9. Lash Filler process.

Access the InLei® instruction quick reference card to quickly and accurately understand each step in the Lash Filler process. This way you can exercise control while performing the procedure with your customers.

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Good to use

Easy to learn and I do it twice myself

Nathalia García

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