Under Eye Gel Patches


Fantabulous treat for the eyes with multiple benefits

Spending hours in a beauty clinic can get frustrating while taking longer than usual. During that time, a gift of eye gel patch can relax the clients with more than one benefit.

The Under Eye Gel Patches has the merits of reducing fine lines and wrinkles while maintaining the moisture of the skin under the eyes. The soothing effect a gel base gives to the eyes is about experiencing a magic moment. 

Next time a client is sitting for an eye makeup treatment, surprise them with an under-eye gel patch add-on. The peace and calm they will become will help in the process for both the client and the beauty expert.

You will love the surprising effects:

  • It helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Soften the skin with moisturising.
  • Effective during the lash lift, tint, and lash extension work.

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