Thick Eyebrows Are Having a Moment, but Do We Know Why?

Thick Eyebrows Are Having a Moment, but Do We Know Why?

Eyebrows have a slated history — they wane and wax in size just as the cycle of the moon — and now science can explain why thick is in!


What eyebrow crush do you have? Perhaps it’s Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teagan, or perhaps the Queen B herself, Beyonce. But why are we so drawn to a lush, full eyebrow? Why are they so damn attractive in our modern-day culture? Well, science has something to say about it. At My Absolute Beauty, we can turn any lackluster brows into the feature of your face. We elevate beauty careers with microblading / brow henna / brow lamination courses and training and provide the leading brow lamination options to help you achieve the perfect brows. Now there’s science backing a full brow, learn more about it below.


The Case For Dramatic Eyebrows

We gravitate to eyebrow perfection, and while 99% of people alter their brows through microblading or apply color to them in their everyday makeup routine, regardless if they’re natural or not, we love a good brow.

So, why, why do we flock, ooh and ah, and praise women with these perfect brows? Simply, it’s in our biology!

In a recent study, scientists found that the more dramatic your eyebrows were against your facial landscape, the more perceived youthfulness one had. So, good brows make you look younger!

When researchers looked at over 750 makeup-free women, features such as eyebrows, lips, and eyes were more prominent in younger women.

Even though we’re not consciously aware of it, we use these features to better determine the age of someone, thus our obsession with big, beautiful, bushy brows.

The research also pointed out that women could also alter their perceived age by enhancing these features, which is why darkening and filling in brows have become such a beauty trend — they’re keeping us youthful.

Where are your brows at? As we age they tend to lighten and become thinner for a myriad of reasons, but typically resulting from hormones.

Now that we’ve found the honeypot of youth, how are you keeping your brows on point?

For youthful, captivating eye and brow features, consider a lash lift or microblading!



Ditch filling in your brows with color every day, and venture into microblading — it’ll save you time and as we’ve found, make you appear younger!

If you mess with your brows and your arch is like one of Houdini’s disappearing acts, microblading is for you! 

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that implements tiny needles that deposit pigment under your skin to achieve an amazing lavish brow.  


Lash Lift ( LASH FILLER )

To make your eyes pop and appear larger and more dramatic, a lash lift will slash years for as a new anti-aging measure!

A lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes — it curls your lashes for the perfect low-maintenance addition to your beauty routine.

When you get a lash lift they’re semi-permeant, so they do require some upkeep, but can last anywhere between eight to 12 weeks just depending on how your lashes regenerate and how they’re cared for. You can extend a lash lift with a series of products such as Adiutrix lash and brow growth serum or Fashion Lash 

Pro tip: Add a lash tint to your lash lift for the perfect eyelashes that have a younger you written all over them.

As it turns out, our biology is behind our fascination with abundant brows — we look younger with enhanced features. Microblading and lash lifts are an amazing avenue to follow if you’re looking to heighten your looks and add another layer to combating age!  


Choose My Absolute Beauty as your complete resource to microblading and lash lift education, hands-on training, and products. Be youthful with us today!


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