Surprising Remedies That Actually Thicken Your Brows and Grow Your Lashes

Dive into products that you already have at home and watch your brows thrive!

There is no shortage of revenue earned in the beauty industry — it was estimated that a woman will spend roughly $300,000 in her lifetime on just face creams, lotions, and washes, and that figure only grows when we consider all the other products out there!

While we spend a lot of money on beauty products, they serve a valuable purpose to each individual. They evoke the feminine spirit, grant confidence and they help us heal.

At My Absolute Beauty, the beauty professionals we partner with not only help shape and define faces through microblading and lash lifts, but they also help women feel great about themselves too! Join us in today’s post, to take away tangible products your clients can use at home, in-between their services, to spur hair growth!

Thicken Your Brows and Lashes With Products From Home

You know the scenario: your client has been loyal and seeing you month-after-month, but they want more information and products to help with their thinning eyebrows or lashes that are falling out.

There are many products to recommend, so where do you start? Begin with things they may already have at home, that actually work.


Hair Fortifying Nutrients to Take Internally

So often we find products to apply topically, that are great and effective, but there are products we can take internally that work really, really well. Let’s explore them.

Iron and zinc – These minerals are wonderful for hair growth. They stir the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Vitamin D – The sunshine vitamin also plays a role in the hair growth cycle and research has found that supplementing with it can even benefit hair disorders.

Fish Oil – If your eyelashes are dehydrated and falling out, the omega-3s from fish oil nourish and hydrate, dry, parched lashes.

Biotin – Biotin is a superstar for supporting hair growth — it strengthens and helps condition the hair.

B12 – As we age, our bodies have a more difficult time absorbing B12, so we’re prone to this deficiency. B12 is responsible for many functions in our bodies, but it relates to our hair directly by causing brittle and dry hair growth at the shafts (prone to breaking).

If you decided to take a B12 supplement, choose the methylcobalamin form, cyanocobalamin is a form we can’t absorb.  


Brow and Lash Thickening Topicals

Topicals sound so astringent when really there are fortifying and revitalizing to your brows and lashes. Use and recommend these products at home.

Castor oil – Castor oil is the gold standard when it comes to growing fuller and thicker brows and lashes. It’s quite viscous and makes the perfect brow or lash mask. Apply it to your hair and let it absorb overnight. Gently rinse off the remaining oil in the morning.

Moreover, Castor oil is beneficial in antifungal and antibacterial properties and is high in vitamin E (antioxidant) and omega fats.

Black seed oil – Black seed oil is wonderful for maintaining hair follicle health — it works by keeping your follicles open and healthy. It boasts antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties and can be taken both internally and applied topically.

Coconut oil – Coconut oil has been touted for helping people achieve thicker hair, faster. It helps follicles stay clear to spur better hair growth and the fatty acids help moisturize dry, brittle hair.

Olive oil – Olive oil is a pillar for healthy brows and lashes as it improves circulation so blood can flow and reach the follicles to encourage growth.


Get Help From My Absolute Beauty

Elleevate Keratin Mascara

Use this lash product to enhance your lashes with ingredients that are a foundation in lash health — keratin, arginine, and biotin.


Beautiful Lash & Brow Enhancement Duo

Get the leading products for your lashes and brows. These two separate products condition and strengthen the brows and lashes to set a foundation for thick, full hair.

For healthier brows and lashes there are many products that can help, and some are as easy as looking in your pantry to use! Guide your clients towards the best hair fortifying solutions that they can use in-between your lash lift and microblading services.


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