Microblading Is for Everyone: Tips for Working on Seniors

Microblading Is for Everyone: Tips for Working on Seniors
microblading for seniors

Microblading Is for Everyone: Tips for Working on Seniors

Microblading provides some of the greatest benefits to those who are older, so there’s no to fear in providing this service to seniors! Microblading is a skill that keeps progressing as you perform more and more — no one ever...

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Microblading provides some of the greatest benefits to those who are older, so there’s no to fear in providing this service to seniors!

Microblading is a skill that keeps progressing as you perform more and more — no one ever really gets to the expertise where they can say, “okay, I’ve made it, I can stop learning!” Even the cream of the crop in the beauty industry still commits to evolving.

And so, you keep learning and honing your craft on every type of face — including those who are a little older and wiser!

At My Absolute Beauty, we embrace that beauty is not a standardized thing — it looks different for everyone, but we all have it. Join us in today’s post as we explore microblading tips to use on seniors!

The Mature Brow

Beautiful, thick brows are a thing, and as a beauty professional, they’re also likely your bread and butter! Brows provide structure to our faces and can give us a more youthful appearance.

Is microblading wasted on the youth?!

It can be so frustrating to watch people in their early 20s getting botox because they have a (meaning one, but that’s stretching it) wrinkle or getting microblading treatments — the horror!

While it may seem odd that they’re getting these treatments so young, at the end of the day, we all want to feel good about the skin we’re in.

So no, microblading is not wasted on the youth! Microblading is for everyone!

And while many of your microblading clients may be under the age of 40, it’s important to develop and sharpen your skills for every age and person that sits in your chair.

Why is microblading favorable for seniors?

Microblading can really act as a fountain of youth for older clients because oftentimes their eyebrows can be sparse from decades of over-plucking or the hair has just flat out stopped growing.

This means a daily routine of filling in their brows.

Because eyebrows really make our face, and if they’re thinned, sparse, or faded, microblading can cultivate a look that leaves your older clients looking younger and more refreshed!

It’s also important to point our the three-phase hair growth cycle, that even our eyebrows undergo! The stages include:

1. Anagen (active growth)

2. Catagen (growth halts)

3. Telogen (hair is at rest)

If you or your clients were over-pluckers throughout the years, it may be difficult to grow your eyebrows in at all because the hair-growth cycle was severely stunted. Beyond just plucking, thinning brows can be related to changing hormones, medical treatments such as chemo, and nutrient deficiencies as we age.

Needless to say, if the hair-growth cycle is disrupted at any stage, people will experience a lack of new growth in their eyebrows.

What You Need to Know: Microblading Older Clients

While it’s always important to shadow and get hands-on experience when it comes to expanding your microblading skills, there are a couple of factors to consider.

Skin becomes drier as we age.

Dry skin — we can all be at its throes, but the truth of the matter is that as we lose vital moisture. Our bodies make fewer natural oils and a loss of hormones can leave the skin parched.

So, how does this correlate to older clients? Those over 40 with direr skin will hold onto pigment longer, which actually isn’t a bad thing! What may last 10 tens for a 20-year-old, may last much longer in older clients.

Steer your clients for a natural brow.

While some may still be after a bold thick brow, unfortunately, it’s no longer the best choice for those over 40. It can look cartoony and wildly out of place. Instead, recommend a more delicate brow that emphasizes what they already have. For older clientele — less is more.

The skin thins the older we get.

There are many factors that cause thinning skin — from years of sun damage to genetics — and as we age, it’s the dermis which is the thick fibrous tissue composed of collagen and elastin, that begins to break down causing thin skin, sagging, and wrinkles.

The most important thing to remember for older clients with thinning skin is to use gentle, delicate, and light techniques for a brow that is heightened.

One last thing to leave our beauty professionals with — not only is it important to continue your knowledge and improve your skills when it comes to microblading, but working with and adding older clients as a niche can be extremely advantageous for your growing your business.

People will ask, who’s the best at working on older clients? And, if you can build up a reputation, not only will you get referrals from other beauty professionals in the microblading industry, your older clients will too!

What are you waiting for? Magnify your microblading skills with classes and products from My Absolute Beauty! Peruse our microblading products and services today!

Ready to transform your business? Visit our website at https://myabsolutebeauty.com/ and explore our wide range of microblading products and training opportunities. Let us help you unleash your full potential and thrive in the ever-evolving world of beauty.

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