6 Herbs To Support Your Brows and Lashes

There are a wide variety of herbal hair growth supplements to support healthy hair growth naturally!


If you’ve invested in microblading and lash lift services and want to help your clients keep the party going, there stand herbal hair growth supplements that are ready to get into the groove!

At My Absolute Beauty, we provide beauty professionals with the knowledge and skills to heighten their microblading and lash lift repertoire. Follow along in today’s post as we cultivate a list of herbs that can support hair health in your clients.


Herbs for Hair Health

Herbs are where it all began — it’s where health and wellness began. Throughout the centuries, civilizations used herbs for everything from pain and inflammation to healing broken bones! And now, we’re rediscovering ancient ways of healing to support our health, including hair growth! Below are herbs that have nourish and support our brows and lashes.


Rhodiola Rosea

There is so much to love about this herb! It’s adaptogenic in nature which it means it works with our own unique body chemistry to support us exactly where we need it. It combats stress in the same vein that it enhances our hair growth.

Stress can actually impact our hair growth! Because stress breaks things down (catabolic), the nutrients we get go to only the most vital places we need it, which is not hair growth. When we tackle stress, with the help of Rhodiola, key nutrients can help revitalize our weak hair.


Peppermint and Rosemary

When you rub peppermint and rosemary essential oils with a carrier oil (coconut, olive, jojoba, etc) you’ll relish in how they support your hair.

Rosemary aids in hair loss and is great for thinning eyebrows. If you decide to try it on your (no lashes) try it with a thicker carrier oil such as castor to avoiding contact with your eyes.

Peppermint supports circulation, which stimulates the hair follicle when applied to the eyebrows.   


Nettle Leaf

It is high in minerals that support collagen production, thus supporting how thick and full your hair grows in. Nettle leaf highlights calcium, silica, and sulfur.



This herb supports many things, including hair loss. It revitalizes hair and is a catalyst for re-growing hair. Ginseng is a popular ingredient in a lot of topical products, but it can easily be found in capsule and tincture form that you can take internally.



The stand out compound in moringa is thiocyanate that prevents hair from falling out and can strengthen the hair follicles. Moringa is an easy herb to add to your morning smoothie and comes in various other forms such as capsules and tinctures.


Green Tea

Tea lovers rejoice, there is even more to love when it comes to green tea. It’s chock full of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and features panthenol which fortifies and strengthens hair.   

Herbs have been used to support our health since the beginning, and they still pack amazing benefits to support hair health.


Herbs are a great way for clients to see lasting benefits from lash lifts and microblading in the interim. To learn more about the products we offer beauty professionals, reach out today. Check out our other article on Natural Hair Growth.


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