Why Are My Eyebrows Thinning?

We know aging ushers fine lines and wrinkles, but what they never tell you about are your brows!

thinning eyebrows


Eyebrows are back, they’ve been back! And, while you may have had full, thick brows that you dreaded when you were younger, you may have noticed that they’ve begun to thin as you make your way through the decades.

Eyebrow maintenance was once a monthly chore, and oh how the roles have reversed — now you’re having to pay good money to get the big brows that once grew freely!

At My Absolute Beauty, we’re here to support you in your endeavor to look better in the pursuit of the flawless brows. From microblading to the perfect eyebrow tint, brows are our bread and butter! If your brows are thinning and you need answers, take a moment and learn about the why behind it — because aging is so fun!

Thinning Eyebrows: Blame it on Aging!

Hormones play a large role in how our eyebrows fill in, and in our lifespan, there are plenty of stages where our hormones are in flux — in fact, they’re always in flux!

Perimenopause and menopause are where we begin to really see our hair start to thin because of the drastic change in an estrogen drop. Postpartum women also can experience eyebrow thinning because of the ebb and flow of pregnancy and post-pregnancy hormones.  

Eyebrows are also known to fall out as a result of a thyroid issue. A thinning eyebrow is a classic sign that perhaps you should check out your thyroid.

If you’re older and your eyebrows are getting sparse, connect with your health care practitioner and look into ways to balance your hormones.


Health Conditions

Thinning brows can also come from atopic dermatitis, or what most of us know as eczema. This skin condition causes inflammation and if it affects the area around your eyebrow. They may become extremely sensitive, itchy, and fall out.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that is known to cause baldness in some or all parts of the body. The first sign is usually on the scalp, and it can also cause your eyebrows to fall out.



Nutrition impacts just about every part of your health and wellness, including your hair. While you may not necessarily lose hair from a poor diet, if you’re deficient in some specific nutrients resulting from a limited, unnutrious diet, your eyebrows may absolutely be affected.  

Iron is one nutrient that if you’re low or deficient in, can pose a risk in hair loss. You can find iron abundantly in animal products such as meat and fish and in plants such as beans and legumes.

Another nutrient that plays a role in hair loss is zinc. Though most people don’t have a difficult time getting it in their diet. Zinc plays a role in hormone balance so if you’re struggling with your hormones and thinning eyebrows, zinc could be the missing mineral.

There are also pharmaceuticals that block our body’s ability to absorb zinc. So connect with your doctor if you think this may be an issue.

A whole-food diet rich in vegetables, protein, and healthy fats and straying from processed foods laced with added sugar and chemicals, is the pillar of a healthy, pro-hair diet!   


Plucking to Your Heart’s Desire

Overplucking was a thing, a 90s thing, where pencil-thin eyebrows were so in! But that is not the case anymore and the damage may have already been done! So, as you were grooming your Freida-esque brows over and over you may have actually damaged the hair follicle.

When the hair follicle is damaged, the hair may not grow back.

Thinning eyebrows could be a result of a myriad of things. So if you’ve noticed them begin to thin, it could be from a hormonal imbalance, an undiagnosed health condition, your diet, or simply overplucking.

What was once a bane of your adolescence — hair, hair, everywhere — has now become the opposite issue.


Microblading to the Rescue!

If thinning brows are your life now, the solution is microblading. Microblading enhances and shapes your brows, giving them a lush, healthy brow that is age-defying!


To learn more about the products we offer or are interested in getting trained in microblading, connect with us today!

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