The Color Covenant: Why Pigments Are Vital To Your Beauty Services

We see in color and we stand in awe of vibrant fuchsia blooms and bluebird skies, so it’s no wonder why color plays such a compelling role in the beauty industry.  


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As women, color plays a large role in our everyday routines, much more than you first may think! Color is the reason we don’t just roll out of bed and throw on the first shirt and pair of pants we see. No, we have to perfectly curate how our ballet pink top will complement our faded grey leather pencil skirt, all while avoiding washing out our skin tone.

And then comes the makeup. Do we do a bold cat eye with minimal makeup on the rest of our face, or play it all up — eyes, lips, brows, and cheeks? Color comes up a lot in our decisions, and this is why, as beauty experts, we need to be acutely aware!

At My Absolute Beauty, we offer the leading microblading and semi-permanent makeup pigments to achieve the perfect look for all your clients. Learn about the influence of color and why it’s important to get it right for your clients!

When Color is Right

When the right color is on the right person, it’s noticed — it’s inherent. You see it from their dewy skin and bold brows, right down to the jewelry they accessorize with. Our eyes seek harmony, and when we find it, we know it.

You know the scenario: you see your friend at work — someone you’ve seen every day for who knows how long — and today, something is different, they look radiant. You gush about it when you see them, and naturally, you say, that color looks so great on you!  It’s all in the color!

We also notice when the color isn’t right. We often can tell when people are ill because they look pale or sallow, and when the makeup just isn’t working, it may be the colors that make them look like a circus clown.  

Or, they may be wearing a trendy new outfit, that just doesn’t work.


It’s all in the color!

Color isn’t necessarily complicated, but it does have perimeters, that, as a beauty professional, you’ll learn. Let’s get into it just a bit!

When it comes to color, you have undertones that are warm and cool — or golden and blue tones. When you can identify this in your client it can help you give them their desired look whether it be the perfect microbladed brow or semi-permanent makeup.  

Let The Undertone Sway

To give your clients the best permanent eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner, selecting the correct undertone is vital.

Oftentimes our eyes wander first to the eyebrows and lips, if they’re not balanced, you keep going back and trying to figure out what’s off and typically it’s the undertone color. You’ll revisit a blue-based red lipstick on someone who has a warm complexion — once you see it, it can’t be unseen!

This actually isn’t a bad thing to hone in on, in fact, we encourage you to go to your local beauty store and find the people who have the wrong makeup based on their undertones!

It’s not judgemental, it’ll only sharpen your skills when you’re microblading and applying permanent makeup! After all, your clients are trusting your keen eye to know what will make them look their best — you are the artist.


Identifying The Undertones

You can buy color wheels online that specify warm vs. cool colors, or you can create your own. However you go about it, ensure that you have a comprehensive swatch with the following colors:

  • Burgundy vs. rust
  • True black vs. chocolate brown
  • Light peach vs. light pink
  • Pumpkin vs. neon pink
  • Banana yellow vs. buttercup
  • Blue red vs. orange red

Use these colors when a client comes in to better determine the pigments you’ll use when microblading or applying permanent makeup.

Color is vital to how we present ourselves to the world — it’s all aesthetics in how we select what we wear and accessorize, down to the makeup we use.

It’s important to get color right, and especially important for beauty professionals because it’s your clients that are entrusting permanent makeup to you!


To learn more about the ongoing education we offer at My Absolute Beauty, reach out today!  


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