5 Eyebrow Myths We Wish You Didn’t Believe

Listen, ladies and gentlemen, there are lies spread about your eyebrows that have been planted in us since our youth. At My Absolute Beauty, we dedicate to create beautiful lashes and brows for everyone in the world. And, it all starts with debunking the myths. So, join us as we discuss some of the more common eyebrow myths and how Elleebana certified beauty professionals can actually help!

Myth #1: You shouldn’t get your eyebrows waxed if you have somewhere to go.

Oh, boy. So, back in the dark ages, when hot wax was gobbed on your browline and forcefully ripped from your face, stripping everything in its wake, yes, this was true and not a myth at all. It would leave behind a vicious red area that burned and made it difficult to smile or scowl for a few days. However, in the gentle world of 2019, waxing techniques have evolved to be a more gentle process that doesn’t rip the flesh from your face and serves more as a single-pull pluck. Additionally, products like Zensa topical anesthetic and healing balm help yo prevent pain, promote healing, and reduce redness and inflammation.

Myth #2: No hair, no problem, draw them in.

Leave this myth in 2002. Gone are the days of pencil-thin and penciled in eyebrows. Welcome to 2019 and fluffy and naturel brows. If you have overplucked or you have thin eyebrows that you want to be fuller, drop the pencil and find an eyebrow professional — you have options. For lighter hair, try a brow tint with a product like Belmacil. For thinning hair, try microblading with Everlasting Brow, and for full, rich eyebrows, no matter what, try a combination — a too-fur, if you will.

Myth #3: Your eyebrows should match your hair.

Um, what? Do your natural brows match your natural hair color? Who even knows these days. With ombre hair, highlights, and multi-tonal hair, matching your eyebrows would look a little more than a little odd, to say the least. This is not a rule, and as far as well can tell, it never has been. Think Marylin and her thick brown brows with complimenting bright blonde hair — stunning bombshell, ageless fashion icon. We disagree with this myth, wholeheartedly. Brows should compliment your hair, skin, and attitude, Brow tinting and microblading can offer natural-looking ombre brows and highlight your face. Challenge this myth when you speak to a Belmacil certified beauty professional. Find a stylist near you.

We aren’t sure where these eyebrow myths came from, but we are happy to announce they are all false. If you aren’t in love with your eyebrows, visit your local lash and brow beauty expert to get the look you love. Visit us online to find a certified professional near you.

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