Beauty Salons: Keep Yourself and your Clients Safe During Covid-19

CDC guidelines for reopening salon businesses will help improve beauty salon and client safety during Covid-19. Come learn how to keep yourself and your clients safe!

Beauty Salons: Keep Yourself and your Clients Safe During Covid-19

Beauty Salons: Keep Yourself and your Clients Safe During Covid-19

Beauty salon safety during Covid has never been more critical! Be sure to keep up-to-date on CDC guidelines for reopening salon businesses. This will help ensure you keep you, your salon, and your clients as protected as possible from exposure. Let's talk about what you can do to keep your salon up to scratch!

Beauty Salon Safety During Covid-19

Beauty salon safety should be your number one priority when it comes to keeping your business up and running during Covid-19. A significant part of this is knowing how to protect yourself and others. 

The CDC recommends that you:

  • Wash hands often
  • Avoid close contact
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when nearby others
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Clean and Disinfect
  • Monitor your health daily.

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CDC Guidelines for Reopening Salon Business

It is your obligation as a licensee to maintain sanitary conditions where you provide services to help protect your clients and yourself. The CDC has provided an in-depth look at how beauty salon safety during Covid should look. Their guide to reopening gives a detailed walkthrough of the cleaning procedures you should implement. The CDC recommends the following three steps:

  • Develop your plan
  • Implement your plan
  • Maintain and revise your plan

Develop your Plan

Consider your salon's layout and the types of surfaces that will come into contact with you and your client. Take particular note of the surfaces that are most probable to come into contact with you or your client's skin during the visit.

Ask yourself if there are any porous surfaces in your salon that can be removed as a precaution. Items such as throw rugs and decorative furniture can be a breeding ground for viruses! If they're not needed, consider setting them in storage until further notice.

Implement your Plan

Follow the CDC guidelines for reopening a salon business when cleaning your salon. Be sure to use the proper materials and supplies to ensure effectiveness against the virus. The CDC offers excellent resources to help understand appropriate cleaning and disinfecting techniques for different surfaces.

Taking the time to disinfect all surfaces of your salon meticulously will help ensure client safety. By adequately cleaning all of the surfaces in your salon, you will reduce the chances of spreading Covid-19.

Maintain and Revise your Plan

Part of beauty salon safety during Covid-19 is checking in with your local guidelines regularly and ensuring that you are keeping your salon in line with regulations. Get in the habit of regularly cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and supplies to ensure client safety.

Clean and disinfect surfaces between each client. Don't forget to wipe down common-contact areas such as doorknobs, light switches, chairs, tables, and countertops!

Promote Client Safety

If you and your client follow proper cleanliness, social distancing, and safety methods, you will significantly decrease the likelihood of spreading Covid-19 in your salon. 

Something you can do to help your client feel safer is to keep them informed. Sending your client a quick update about the safety precautions you've implemented in your salon will help your client see that you are taking client safety seriously. 

This peace of mind may be just the push they needed to get back into your chair. You can accomplish this via social media posts, emails, etc.

Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to implement rules for your clients! Some good rules to put into effect may be:

  • The client must arrive alone, no guests
  • The client must wear a mask for the entirety of the visit
  • The client must wash their hands before treatment
  • The client must be willing to have temperature checked
  • The client must cancel if they begin exhibiting symptoms

Find rules that work for you and your clients, and stick to them. Clients will feel safer knowing that these rules are being upheld in your salon.

Keep it up!

Once you've got a plan in place that works for you and your customers, keep it up! By implementing the CDC guidelines for reopening your salon business, you will help your customers feel safe to return to their regularly scheduled appointments with you.

Be sure to keep an open and honest line of communication open with your clients. Talk with them about what they can do to help stop the spread while getting services in your salon. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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