Facial Hair Hygiene Tips For Men

In a world of trending beard and full collections of facial hygiene products for men, we are excited to be fully immersed in grooming tips for men information. Historically, men were free to let their hair do what it did while women were subjected to shaving, plucking, waxing, and taming. But, in recent decades, men have found success in paying attention to grooming techniques and caring for their hair as well.

Join us today as we discuss some tips caring for your facial hair.

Wash your hair.

Guys. Your bar soap is not your shampoo. Your bottle of body wash may advertise that it is a “5 in 1,” but let’s just let that refer to how many limbs you can wash with it. Purchase some shampoo and conditioner to keep your locks clean and smelling worthy of nose-diving right in. Your facial hair is no exception. If you want to subscribe to multi-use products and one-size-fits-all kinds of cleaners, you are welcome to use your hair shampoo on your facial hair, or you can purchase products that are intended for scrubbing your beard and eyebrows.

Blend the colors.

We love the salt and pepper look and the distinguished appearance that highlights of silver offers. But, if you are not looking for the mature look and want to maintain your boyish good looks, opt for a brow tint to restore your eyes to college-age.

Shape your brows.

Alright, guys. If you don’t want to go full groomed brow look, that is fine. Let your manly wiles shine through your bushy brows. But, as you age, it is important to understand that your eyebrows will get longer and clumpier (as will your nose and ear hair). This is not attractive, so trim it. And, don’t take a romantic appeal as the cited rationale for clipping these creeping hairs; studies have shown that these long, scraggly hairs are distracting and deter professionals from taking you seriously. So, even if you don’t care about shaping and sculpting your brows into perfectly manicured hairlines, you should definitely trim those wiry grow-aways and pluck your unibrow. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in how people look at you, literally.

Comb your hair.

Brushing and combing are not just for your head hair. If you have a mustache, beard, or thick eyebrows, you should comb these patches of hair as well. If only to break up clumping and make your hair look cared for. And, flip combs, circa 1945 are so in right now. Keep one in your pocket to keep your facial hair on point.

Fill the thinning.

Aging is difficult for some and takes a toll on all bodily hair. If you have had lighter hair your whole life, or if you have suffered from low testosterone levels, you may experience more severe balding than others. Unfortunately, balding is not exclusive to head hair and many men experience facial hair that gets more sparse. For the upper lip and your chin, it is easy to just shave. But, for your eyebrows, losing hair can make you appear emotionless and washed out. Microblading and eyebrow tinting can help restore that full-brow, youthful look.

Shave the excess.

The excess hairs take your facial hair from being a beautiful masterpiece to being a messy mass of hair. We recommend using a straight razor to clean up the excess hair to create defined facial hair spaces that are sure to leave others in awe of your majestic manly facial coat.

At My Absolute Beauty, we train beauty professionals to use a wide range of products to create the perfect look for facial hair. From lash and brow tint and microblading to create fuller brows, when you find a certified professional, you are sure to leave feeling rejuvenated and man-ourous.

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