Everlasting Brows | VALENTINO Lip Pigment

$68 $34

Lip Correction with a Classic tinge of reddish-orange!

The gentle skin on the lips gets damaged because of many factors, but several treatments are there to save them. Lip tinting procedures add a beautiful color that refreshes the lips. 

The beauty experts know the value of a correct and high-quality pigment as they perform the tint processes on numerous clients. We are offering VALENTINO, a classic red coloring with the orange undertone from Everlasting Brows. Our product will effortlessly correct and hide the blemishes near the lip area.

Product Specifications:

  • One bottle carries 10ml pigment.

  • No requirement for the modifier.

  • It corrects uneven-looking Lip borders.

  • High-quality.

  • Gentle rectification formula.

Everlasting brows pigments work perfectly while getting used alone and mix well with others to create the requested tint.

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