EB | CHANEL Microblading Lip Pigment


EB | CHANEL Microblading Lip Pigment

Product description

The perfect pigment for flawless looking Lips!

Looking for a high-quality lip pigment for your microblading treatments? Look no further than Everlasting Brows® | CHANEL Microblading Lip Pigment.

  • This pigment provides excellent coverage for the lips, making it perfect for both contouring and using on the entire area.
  • With a 10ml quantity in each bottle, you'll have plenty of product to work with.
  • The consistency of this pigment is smooth and long-lasting, ensuring that your clients will be happy with the results.
  • Whether you're looking to add a pop of color with the intense pink tint or simply want to give your clients beautifully contoured lips, this pigment is the perfect choice.
  • As a trusted product from Everlasting Brows, you can feel confident in the quality and effectiveness of this lip pigment.
  • Make your microblading treatments stand out by using the Everlasting Brows | CHANEL Microblading Lip Pigment. Your clients will love the alluring, attention-grabbing results.

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