Everlasting Brows | MCQUEEN Lip Pigment


Everlasting Brows | MCQUEEN Lip Pigment

Product description

A Classic Royal Red with radiant effects that will last longer!

Everlasting Brows is one of the best sellers of brilliant pigments for performing lip and other procedures. PMU or Microblading treatments are possible with quality pigment. They give the freedom to all the beauty experts to accomplish their work.

Another pigment that we are proud to represent is MCQUEEN PMU/Microblading Lip Pigment. It gives that hot and classy red color that most people want. Our product ensures longer results that will not fade drastically like other low-quality pigments.

Following are some product features:

  • Quantity: 1 bottle with 10ml.
  • Mixing is easy.
  • Modifiers are not necessary.
  • Raw ingredients are high-quality.
  • Final results with a rich and intense red tint.

For beauty specialists, mixing and contouring with MCQUEEN is a quick task. The secondary shading work is also possible with this one pigment.

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