InLei® | Lash Filler | Mini Kit



4ml bottles 6 x 1.5 sachets

InLei® | Lash Filler | Mini Kit



4ml bottles 6 x 1.5 sachets
Product description

The InLei® lash filler system is a professional-grade solution for enhancing customers' lashes. This kit, made in Italy, has been developed by experienced lash and brow aestheticians to provide maximum results. It includes everything you need to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking lash lift that lasts up to 8 weeks.

Here are some key points about the InLei® lash lift kit:

  • InLei® FORM 1: This specially formulated product sets the stage for the lash lift treatment. It helps to prep the lashes and make them more receptive to the other products in the kit.

  • InLei® FIX 2: This product works to fix the lashes in place, creating a strong, long-lasting curl.

  • InLei® FILLER 3: This lash filler helps to thicken and lengthen the lashes, resulting in a fuller, more dramatic look.

  • InLei® FIXING GEL: This product helps to seal in the lift, ensuring that it stays in place for as long as possible.

  • InLei® TOTAL Curlers: These high-quality curlers are designed to give you precise, uniform curls that look natural and last for weeks.

  • InLei® HELPER (1pcs): This tool helps you to apply the products evenly and accurately, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

  • InLei® Solo Bowl: This bowl is the perfect size for mixing and storing the InLei® products.

  • InLei® Lash FilleringTool: This specially designed tool makes it easy to apply the InLei® lash filler and get an even, natural-looking finish.

Overall, the InLei® lash lift kit is a top-of-the-line solution for professional lash enhancement. As an aesthetician looking to offer lash lifts to your clients, this kit is an excellent choice. Its high-quality products and clinical effectiveness make it a must-have for anyone looking to achieve fuller, more beautiful lashes.

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