Disposable Applicators


Beauty professionals must have disposable applicators in their toolkit!

While doing the makeup treatments on the client, many products need to apply to attain good results. It becomes messy and unhygienic to use the same tools as applicators to perform the process continuously.

Simplify your work and maintain the hygiene for your clients with the Disposable Applicators. Please continue to read some interesting facts about the product and get convinced to have it in your toolkit. 

Works perfectly with the following products:

  • Primers.
  • Adhesive removers for applications and removals.

Product benefits:

  • Disposable applicators are cost-effective.
  • Plastic handle for good handling.
  • Soft flock tipped. 

Disposable Applicators apply the products, and you can throw the used ones after the procedure gets completed. This way, product applications will be clean and sanitized on the clients.

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