MAB | Silicone Mascara Wands


MAB | Silicone Mascara Wands

Product description

Perfectly apply the eye-products for bold eyes

My Absolute Beauty® is proud to provide our line of professional makeup tools - disposable silicone mascara wands. These innovative wands are a game changer for lash and brow professionals, providing a hygienic and efficient way to apply makeup to the delicate eye area.

Unlike traditional brushes, these silicone wands are flexible and sturdy, making them perfect for use in procedures like the "Lash Filler" and "Brow Bomber." The dense bristles also ensure an even and precise application of mascara or brow products, without any clumps or mess.

One of the best features of these silicone wands is their disposable nature. This means that you can use a fresh, clean wand for each client, eliminating the risk of cross contamination and ensuring the highest level of hygiene. No more worrying about cleaning and sterilizing brushes between clients - simply toss the wand after use and grab a new one.

Not only are these wands great for makeup application, they also excel at cleaning both the lashes and brows. The dense bristles are gentle yet effective at removing excess product and debris, leaving your clients with perfectly prepped and polished eyes.

 My Absolute Beauty® disposable silicone mascara wands are a must-have for any lash and brow professional looking to improve their makeup application and maintain a high level of hygiene. With their flexibility, dense bristles, and disposable nature, these wands are sure to become a staple in your makeup kit.

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