Your Need-To-Know Advice To Achieve The No Makeup Look! (Part Two)

There’s more to the no-makeup look than you may think. See how microblading, lash lifts, and lash tints can help!

In part one, we discovered that an essential part of the all natural look begins with a great skincare routine — the right, high-quality products go a long way — in addition to having the right mindset surrounding makeup and wearing it because it makes you feel great!

At My Absolute Beauty, we set the standards for the products and trainings we offer. Join us in today’s post and the second part on achieving a makeup-free look!

Achieving The Au Natural Look

If you’re doing all the right things, but want to jump on-board the trendy illusion of the no-makeup effect, we can help!


Get These Two Things in Order First: Brows and Lashes

Kick off the makeup-free look by tending to your brows and lashes, stat! These two features alone will help this look dramatically.



Microblading is perfect for the no makeup look! There is no one on Earth with naturally perfect brows — they take work and keen attention to detail. If sans makeup is what you’re going for, get a more permanent solution with microblading. Nothing melts, runs, or rubs off.


Lash Lift

If you want to add an instant lift and shape to your eyelashes that leaves you looking refreshed and wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, a lash lift is perfect. There is no more lash torture using a lash curler — it’s simply a perm for your lashes and it lasts for weeks!


Lash Tint

The thing about mascara is, you can always tell when someone is wearing it, no matter how discrete they’re trying to be. A lash tint naturally darkens your lashes to optimally achieve a makeup-free look — no mascara required! Pair this with a lash lift, and your peepers are primed for this look.


Products To Use

When trying to achieve the no-makeup look, less is more, as you might think! So, start with the basics.



The epitome of beautiful skin is glowy, dewy skin! Once you’ve prepped your skin with amazing products, using a good foundation is the next step, but go light.

A great option is a BB or CC cream — they provide you with some much needed hydration, while helping to keep your skin looking natural and not like you’ve spread spackle all over. These creams allow for moles and freckles to peek through, which makes everything look more natural.  

Another approach would be a tinted moisturizer or a light concealer. The tinted moisturizer is similar to the BB or CC cream in that it covers dark circles and lessens imperfections, while remaining natural.

Use a concealer for specific imperfections and as makeup artist Amy Renee always reminds us, blend b*itch, blend!


Pro tip:

  • Creams trump powders and look more natural.
  • If you love your natural look, lock it in with setting spray to retain that glow all day!
  • Minimally highlight areas such as your cheeks, temples, and the bridge of the nose.

We are multidimensional creatures — sometimes we like to glam and ham it up with false lashes, the perfect cat eye, and sumptuous red lips, and sometimes we want to kick back and let our natural features shine!  

And while not all of us have the pocketbook to actually get flawless, bare skin, there are many products and beauty services that guide us in the au natural quest.


If you love microblading, lash lifts, and lash tints, come join a community that serves beauty professionals in ongoing training and premier products such as Everlasting Brows. Connect with us today!


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