3 Reasons You Should Get a Lash Lift, Man

Flipping through GQ or Maxim, you have probably noticed some good looking guys sporting some thick, dark lashes that curl perfectly, luring anyone who flips through the magazine into his gaze. Perhaps he is meant to be selling the latest jeans or some new fragrance for men, but what really captivates anyone lucky enough to see the add are his eyes. You can get this swoon-worthy look too, easily.

In today’s post, we are going to convince you that you, too, can get the lashes that evoke envy. More and more, men are getting lash lift services to enhance their natural lashes.

Before we jump into the reasons you should get a lash lift, let’s review what a lash lift is, for those who may not know. A lash lift is similar to an eyelash perm. A silicone rod is placed on your eyelid. Your lashes are then lifted and the solution is applied to make the lashes retain the lift and curl is has against the rod. This gentle boost to your natural lashes is enough to make your entire face appear brighter and more awake and your lashes look fuller, longer, and naturally curled.

Why Not?

Honestly, we can think of plenty of great reasons why you should get a lash lift, but we had a very difficult time trying to come up with even a single reason why you shouldn’t. Lash lift services enhance your natural lashes without causing damage or applying any fake lashes that someone will be able to call you out on. Lash lift service is quick, painless, and can be applied with other services that will make you look and feel your best — waxing and brow tinting.

Lash Lift Requires No Maintenance

One of the biggest hindrances for men, or people in general, to engage in beauty services is the maintenance and upkeep it requires. Unlike other services, when your lash lift begins to fade, it won’t cause color changes or anything to fall off, you’ll just notice that your lashes are no longer as full and your eyes aren’t as bright. Lash lifts last for anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on how harsh you are to your eyes and the makeup of your natural lash hair. The best part is, there is no daily maintenance required. We recommend you brush them gently each day, but no special products or treatments required.

Lash Lift Is So Quick And Easy

You can get your lash lift done on your lunch break, and because it doesn’t cause irritation, your coworkers will be none the wiser. A lash lift takes roughly 20 minutes, and since you have to hold still, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch a quick nap and let your beauty professional do some pampering. You don’t have to do a thing.

A lash lift is one of the best and easiest things you can do to freshen your face and nourish your lash hair. At My Absolute Beauty, we think that everyone deserves to have lash lift services to enhance their lashes. Visit us online to find a certified beauty professional near you and schedule your appointment.

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