3 Things You Should Look For In a Lash Lift Training Course

Welcome to 2019 where we are in the height of the YouTube generation. The problem with such easy access to information is that we are all subject to the interpretations of anyone who has a video channel and video camera. And, let us tell you, you cannot trust anyone with a channel to be the subject matter expert of their video series topics. Join us in today’s discussion of three things that you should look for in a lash lift training course before you decide to invest your time and money somewhere.

At My Absolute Beauty, our lash lift training courses provide everything you need to give the best lash lift to your clients. In addition to the best lash lift supplies, we staff the industry’s lash lift experts to coach and mentor you. Moreover, the support doesn’t end with your certificate. Once you complete the Training at My Absolute Beauty, you’ll have access to ongoing support and follow-up training that allows you to keep up with the latest techniques and trends.

What Lash Lift Supplies Does The Training Use?

One of the first things you should look at when investigating a potential lash lift training course is what lash lift supplies they use to teach it. A huge red flag is a course that says you can use any product. If you are certified with a different brand or supplier, we offer an online transition course.

What Is Included In The Training?

A quality lash lift training course will include a variety of topics and allow you to prove your understanding of the materials. The best lash lift training is interactive and taught by industry experts who can teach you a plethora of things about the procedure. At My Absolute Beauty, our lash lift course training topics include:

  • Face Shapes
  • Eyelash structure
  • How to perform a patch test
  • Perfect lash separation and placement
  • Correct processing times and aftercare
  • How to take a professional after photo

Our lash lift training includes a kit and the opportunity to work on live models!

What Happens Next?

Where you invest your time and money should be a lasting investment. When you seek out a lash lift training course, it should be more than a few hours getting to know the products. In addition to your new skills and a renewed sense of confidence and passion for your chosen profession, the training should offer some tangibles and long-lasting results. At My Absolute Beauty, we offer a certificate you can proudly display as well as marketing materials that help you let your clients know that you are a lash lift expert. Additionally, you’ll get follow-up training and ongoing support to keep your skills fresh and keep you practicing the most recent trends. You’ll also have insider access to the latest products.

At My Absolute Beauty, we are as passionate about beauty as you are. So we stock only the best products and offer the best training courses with expert instructors. For all your lash lift supplies, visit our online beauty supply shop. Visit our training page to enroll in a lash lift training that fits your schedule and needs. We look forward to being a part of your career!

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