Your Need-To-Know Advice To Achieve The No Makeup Look! (Part One)

no makeup look

Because sometimes makeup should be simple!

Beyonce made “I woke up like dis’” infamous, and while billionaires may be able to achieve this through all avenues except sacrificing their first newborn to the beauty goddess, the others such as ourselves have to, well, get creative.

There are so many ways to explore the no makeup look, but how do we actually achieve it?

At My Absolute Beauty, we have solutions for beauty professionals to guide your clients towards the no makeup look, or perhaps, being able to pull off no makeup! Follow along today as we journey towards no makeup and the no makeup look!

But first, a word.

Let’s navigate the idea of beauty. First of all, who defines it? Who gets to have an opinion on whether you should or shouldn’t wear it? Or, even comment about when and how it should look?

Spoiler alert: it’s nobody’s business except your own!

As women, we tend to judge others for their makeup choices with a set of rules we project. We hear things all the time such as:

  • “Why are you wearing makeup to the gym? You’re here to work out.”
  • “She must be high-maintenance for always putting on her face.”
  • “You should be more natural.”
  • “You look better without makeup.”
  • “Are you tired or sick? Something looks off.”

There are so many pressures particularly from the male gaze and from other women that make it difficult how we really feel about makeup.

So, the most important thing to do is what feels good for you. If you love wearing makeup, great! Just explore and get curious about the why behind it — who are you doing it for?

Now, that we’re clear that what you do and how you present yourself is solely your business and no one else’s, let’s get into the fun of it all — makeup and skin care!

Before great makeup, comes great skincare!


Get pHresh!

Have you ever had a friend scoff at you when you told them you wash your face with regular bar soap? Sure, this works great for kids but as you age, your skin changes and you need more than just that brick that sits in your shower.


Why do you need a better cleanser? For better skin!

The skin on our face is special and it is, naturally, slightly acidic — around 5.5 on the pH scale. We have what is called the acid mantle that is a protective layer composed of fatty acids from our sebaceous glands and mixes with amino and lactic acids that make it acidic.

When we wash our faces with bar soaps, they tend to be more basic and strip our delicate facial tissue, disrupting the balance. When the acid mantle is broken down by this and other environmental factors (sun, air, water, pollution, and smoking) it loses its protective barrier that can lead to premature aging.

And this is why we must be good to our skin with the right products!  

It doesn’t haven’t to be something extraordinarily expensive, really, all you need to look for is a product that is pH balanced.

This is the first piece in great skin using the right products. From here, it’s choosing products that cut the junk, while enhancing your natural skin. What does this look like?

Vitamin C products – If you want to get brighten up your complexion, vitamin C is a great place to start. Many companies carry vitamin C lines, but a vitamin C serum on its own is a perfect solution.

Oils – Finally! After a long drawn out stigma, oils are being used and excepted into skin care! There is a nourishing oil for every type of skin (even oily) and they fortify and support the acid mantle. Some favorites people use are argan, coconut, rosehip, and baobab.

The great news is, for all of your skincare woes, there is a product to help! The best advice to begin is to exfoliate and use high-quality products.

Beyond a great skincare routine, there are products and beauty services you may want to try out, so stay tuned for part two where we look at products and services to better achieve the au natural look!


For more information on microblading, lash lifts, and lash tints, reach out to us today!  


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