Don’t Be A Beauty Pariah: Dodging Makeup Faux Pas (Part Two)

From wearing the wrong shade of foundation to not blending, there are many, MANY more faux pas to cover!


In part one, four faux pas were brought to light, and there are a few more we’d like to cover.

At My Absolute Beauty, microblading and PMU provide a solution to some of your biggest makeup crimes! Look you best and avoid these common faux pas.


Catastrophic Contouring!

You know when people you the adage, less is more? Listen to them when it comes to contouring your face. When there is too much contouring going on, you may not even look like yourself, and worse yet, it creates harsh features that ooze a resting bitch face!

Need some pointers?

Know your face! You can watch all the tutorials on contouring but if you don’t know where your cheekbones and bridge of your nose are, contouring can’t do its job.

It’s also imperative to have the correct shade of contour, which is usually one to two shades darker. And, blending, yep, you’re going to want to make sure you’re doing it here!


Using All The Eyeliner

Eyeliner does a wonderful job of defining our eyes, but when those with smaller eyes use it to line their waterline (undereye) it makes the small look even smaller. It’s counterproductive, and the last time we checked, the Rene Zellweger squint still isn’t in!

If you have small-shaped eyes, you should actually be using a white eye pencil to open those peepers up! On the other hand, if your eyes are large a little swipe of jet black eyeliner on your waterline is fine.    


Too Much Lip Liner

We get that lip liner is the perfect tool for making the best pouty lips, but don’t overdraw the line! When you draw the line, that’s it, you have to go with it! If you overdraw the line, you mess us your perfectly set foundation and then you spend your day looking pouty at everything — not always an appropriate look!

Too dark of lip liner can also be an issue, and while most 90s babes have steered away from it, it still happens from time-to-time. Always match your lip liner to your lipstick, and when in doubt, use a clear lip liner.

To properly line your lip, find a color close to the lip color or your natural skin tone and line the natural curves of your lip. If you want to go a bit poutier, move one line above the one you just made. Finish it with some highlighter on your Cupid’s bow and you are good to go!


The Wrong Mascara

Unless tarantula eyes look good to you, you need high-quality mascara to achieve great lashes, because the wrong stuff never looks right!

Beauty experts recommend selecting a mascara two shades darker than your brows and applying fresh, new mascara with no more than two coats. When you use old — three to four months old — mascara things get clumpy and flaky quickly. The same is true when you apply more than two coats.

Do you know the perfect remedy for your lashes that doesn’t involve mascara? A lash lift coupled with a lash tiny! Find freedom in your lashes!


Dusty Face

Ahhh, powder, the makeup essential people love and love to overuse. Using powder to lock up a look and keep the shine away, wonderful. But, be aware of how much you’re using! Face powder not only emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles, can dry you out and leave you looking dusty.

Using powder in your teen years, works. Using powder in specific areas like your t-zone even works in middle age, but try and avoid as you age.

Brazen Brows

Is there such a thing as too much of a brow? We’re not sure, we love bold brows, but hear us out. There are always exceptions, but beauty enthusiasts encourage brows to be at least two shades darker than your hair color.

Dark, full brows are in, but there are exceptions.

Dark brows and a smoky eye are as sultry as they are amazing, but you may want to stick to something more simple in the daytime — bold eyes and brows are meant for nighttime events.

Also, if you’re blonde, dark, almost-black brows may be a little overwhelming and may look unnatural — the same goes for exceptionally light brows with dark hair.

Looking for killer brows? Microblading may be just the solution for you! If you want the freedom of having great brows after a hot yoga class or day at the beach that don’t disappear, PMU is the answer!

Our beauty faux pas list was longer than expected! How did you fare?


For more information on the beauty training — from microblading and lash lifts to permanent makeup, we offer both online and in person, reach out to us today!




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