The Why Behind Pre Microblading Advice

You want beautiful, flawless eyebrows that last, and, more than anyone, we get it and we’re here for it! But, we don’t just dish out pre-appointment advice for the hell of it! Learn more about why this advice is so vital.

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If you’re a beauty expert-novice (we’ve all been right where you are) or have curious clients, it’s important to be well-informed on why we ask the questions we ask on our intake forms and be able to answer them intelligently. It’s not to be a buzzkill, but first and foremost, we do it for the safety of our clients.

At My Absolute Beauty, our classroom and online training will provide you with the skills and knowledge to keep your clients safe and healthy while executing flawless brows! Get all the need-to-know information below!

Why We Ask What We Ask

There are many questions that may not seem relative to microblading. But there is more behind them than you think. Let’s get to it!

Alcohol – Typically on an intake form, it asks clients to refrain from alcohol or 24 hours prior to microblading. If this isn’t the epitome of a buzzkill, what is?! Why, WHY, no alcohol?

Alcohol thins your blood, and because you’re getting tattooed, this is a big no-no that can result in excess bleeding. When there is an onslaught of blood, makes it difficult for the beauty professional to work. Also it could compromise the overall quality and outcome of the microblading.

To take it even further, it is recommended that you forego the bubbly afterward as well to better promote healing.

Supplements. It is also advised to avoid herbs, spices, and supplements such as fish oil, vitamin E, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cayenne, garlic, horseradish, mustard, or cinnamon for the same reason as alcohol, they thin your blood.

Botox, retinoids, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). Getting botox and using AHA is suggested that you leave a two-week window between these and microblading. If you get Botox prior to microblading, your brows will be based on your facial features with Botox. As we all know, Botox doesn’t last.

When the Botox does wear off, it will cause your brows to settle in a place you may not like. So, to ensure a preferred placement, don’t get Botox beforehand.

Retinoids such as Retin A should be stopped seven days prior to the treatment to avoid excessive redness and irritation. It should be avoided 30 days after because they can cause premature fading of the pigment.

AHA should be avoided because they may cause inflammation to microblading site and cause premature exfoliation that causes the pigment to fade or become patchy.

Exfoliating Treatments. We want your skin to glow! But skin treatments such as microdermabrasion should be avoided at least two weeks prior and chemical peels at least six weeks before to avoid any residual exfoliation that causes the pigments not to take to the skin.


Contraindications To Microblading

While most clients are healthy and able to undergo microblading, there are some who may need to check in with their doctor beforehand or forego the procedure all together.

Liver disease. Because those with a liver condition or disease have an exceptionally high risk for infection, microblading may not be a safe option.

Cuts and wounds. If your client has any open or healing wounds, they’ll want to wait until the area is completely healed and free from any scabs. Microblading around these wounds is not safe. It can cause a splotchy appearance or an undesired result once everything is healed.

Skin conditions. If you have eczema or psoriasis, it does not mean that you can never get microblading. But if you have an extreme breakout or it’s covering a large part of the area, you may need to postpone until everything is healed.

Having these skin conditions also makes the affected areas sensitive. So there may be additional irritation, soreness, and redness with the procedure.

If you have clients with the above conditions, you can also make an area on your intake form that requires specific conditions to have a doctor’s note giving consent to the procedure before beginning.

Microblading is safe procedure that is performed by beauty experts daily, but there is some vital information your clients need to know (and know why behind it), in addition to any contraindications.


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