Trick-or-Treat Yourself to Some Eyelash Extensions

My Absolute Beauty has been in the lash and brow business for years and is so excited to finally break into the lash extension realm. We have been training our beauty professionals with high-quality lash products to deliver superior services to clients all over the United States. Our lash products include Elleebana, Belmacil, and Everlasting Brow because they are world-renowned as safe and gentle products that offer the best results without causing damage to the client’s hair or skin. Today, we get to add Elleebana eyelash extensions to our list of training and supplies for our beauty professionals. Join us in today’s post as we fill you in on some of the reasons you should treat yourself to eyelash extensions this month.

1. Eyelash extensions can enhance your natural look.

Eyelash extension service is a great way to pamper yourself by enhancing your natural beauty, and there is nothing more beautiful than you! Eyelash extensions use your natural lashes as a base and your beauty professional will match your natural length and lash diameter to add volume or length based on your desired effect. You can keep a more subtle, but fuller classic look, or you can go dramatic with fanned celebrity volume lashes. Unlike other obesity services, eyelash extensions work with your natural lashes to simply enhance your look rather than completely alter it.

2. Eyelash extensions are low maintenance.

One of the best treats about eyelash extensions is how low maintenance they are! There is some aftercare required to keep your natural lash hair hydrated and nourished and to make the extensions last longer, but compared to some other beauty treatments there is very little maintenance required. Simply schedule your fills every two to four weeks and be pampered without much effort on your part. For some tips on caring for your eyelash extensions, always get the 4-1-1 from your beauty professional before leaving the salon and refer to the table below for some basic recommendations.

3. Eyelash extensions negate the need for makeup.

If you enjoy the routine of putting on makeup before starting your day and removing it before bed each night, perhaps eyelash extensions are not the ideal treat for you. However, if you are looking for fuller, thicker, longer, darker lashes without the eyeliner, mascara, and lash curling and you would love to skip the process — and damage caused by — falsies, professional eyelash extensions are for you! The upfront cost of eyelash extensions may seem high to some, but when you calculate the money you’ll save on makeup and the value of the time you’ll save each day, lash extensions are worth their weight in gold!

4. Improve your self-confidence.

If there is ever a good reason to treat yourself to anything, it is to look and feel better. The better you feel about the way you look, the more improved your self-confidence is and that boost will permeate into everything you do. Those who have better confidence are often more positive and attract better energy. Eyelash extensions can help your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more youthful while highlighting the natural color of your eyes. Treat yourself to a boost in confidence with some eyelash extensions today!

At My Absolute Beauty, we believe that every person deserves to look and feel their best. We carry the best lash products. We also carry all of the prep and aftercare products as well as offer training for beauty professionals who want to add eyelash extensions to their service menu. 

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