The Magic That’s In Action (Part Two)

Action begins with just one small step and watch the beauty and magic erupt in your beauty biz!


In part one, we began a conversation about taking action because a lot of us in the beauty industry can easily sink into routine that carries us far enough. We make enough money. We have enough clients. But, why not build on what’s enough and begin to see the potential in your business — more income and a larger client base! 

At My Absolute Beauty, one small action step could begin with an online lash lift training course! Expand your business and elevate your skills just by taking action! 


Where Action Meets Beauty


There is so much magic in taking action that we needed two parts! In our previous post, we explored how taking action sets you apart, gives you confidence and a backbone and how it teaches you valuable lessons and resiliency.


Action is where the magic begins!


Let’s make more magic below and revel in what action can do!


Action will help you get over trying to be perfect.


Who here likes to be perfect? Perfectionism is the greatest buzzkill of action. When we continuously try to be perfect, it also lends it’s hand to procrastination, thus not taking action. Do you see the cycle you can start when you stick to being perfect?


Of course when it comes to lash lifts, you want to take your time and get all the details right. But before you even begin scheduling lash lifts, you have to first schedule the training, and this is where your perfectionism can get you. 


You’ll want to register at just the right time or wait a little longer so you can save up — what you’re waiting for is the perfect time. There will never be a perfect time, so why not just sign up for your lash lift training right now? Go ahead, take action free from perfectionism and procrastination.  


Action will inspire others.


We mentioned earlier how not taking action but talking about it can be a real buzz kill, well when you do the thing and take action, it inspires others. When you decide to take up space and challenge yourself to learn a new skill and grow your business, people will take notice and be encouraged by you — don’t be surprised if people start wanting to pick your brain! 


Action allows you to take up space.


People are oftentimes more scared to find success, than to fail. This sounds nonsensical, but if you’ve ever found success you may be able to relate. You succeed and there is a big giant what now that can be so new and uncomfortable. 


When you decide to take up space and decide what you’re going to be responsible and accountable for, you’re showing yourself and others that we all can take up space and do something bigger, if only you try.   


Action helps you stay open.


It’s important to stay open in an industry that has a reputation for being so catty, furthermore remaining open to opportunities but not necessarily staying attached to one final outcome. What opportunities are presenting themselves to you right now? Get curious about them and work through every scenario, or better yet, don’t think about what might happen and follow to see where it leads. 


Trust the process and trust yourself. You’ve made it through the worst of your failures and you’re still here. You’re equipped with skills, you just have to find the confidence. 


Action gets things done!


When things you say and talk to people about start happening, it’s a really beautiful thing! Because where does staying comfortable and controlling the outcome get you? It gets you nowhere — nothing will or will not work out until you take the first step.  


Start taking action today! And, if you’re worried about what may happen, you can always go back — there are always you old options and choices, but once you start choosing action over anything else, chances are you won’t need to revert!


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