How to Prepare For a Lash Lift Service – Tips For the Beauty Client

So you’ve decided to get your lashes lifted — a very wise choice. The lash lift is a desired beauty service because of its simplicity and low maintenance traits and how stunning the results are. Rather than adding to your look, a lash lift simply enhances your natural features. The best part is, the lash lift lasts for 6 to 8 weeks without a touchup. Of course, you can still wear your favorite makeup, but your lashes look great without it. Add in an eyelash tint to create a semi-permanent mascara and lash curl look.
Like most beauty appointments, there are a few things you can do that will help enhance your lash lift experience and help the results of your lash lift turn out their absolute best. For the most part, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and let your trusted beauty professional do all the work. But, in today’s post, we will reveal a few things you can do to prepare for your lash lift service.

1. Do your homework.

If you have never had a lash lift before, but you’ve heard about it or seen the stunning results on a friend or colleague and are now looking at getting your own lash lift, ensure that you do your research first. It is a wise idea to understand what a lash lift is and what to expect from the lift. Understand that lash lift service can behave differently on each client. There are options that can affect the outcome of your lash lift, making it more of a lift or add more of a curl — you can discuss the differences and options with your beauty professional, or check out some of our other posts to learn more. You can complement your lash lift with other services like an eyelash tint or some semi-permanent makeup. It is also a wise idea to have a basic understanding of the differences between various lash lift products. To learn more about lash lift, read our previous post, Everything You Need to Know About Lash Lift.

2. Find a certified expert.

One of the distinct differences between our Lash Lift and other products is the high degree of training that is completed by the beauty professionals who are authorized to carry and use it. Lash lift training is offered by industry experts and certification issued to those professionals who undergo the training. Once the initial training is complete, My Absolute Beauty offers ongoing training and support to keep each beauty professional up to date on the latest products, techniques, and trends. If you are looking to get a lash lift, Visit My Absolute Beauty online to find a trained professional near you. For more traits you should look for in your beauty expert, check out our post on the topic.

3. Prepare your lashes.

Once you have found your beauty expert to perform your lash lift and have scheduled your services, you’ll need to prepare your lashes for the service. The good news is, this is a fairly easy, but very important, step. You’ll simply need to leave your lashes au naturel. Wash with soap and water and don’t wear any makeup on the day of your appointment. If you regularly wear waterproof mascara, avoid wearing it for a few days leading up to your appointment, You’ll want your lashes clean and plain to allow the lash lift product to completely adhere to the lashes to optimize its effects.

4. Plan for aftercare.

A lash lift service is extremely low maintenance, but does require some aftercare to keep your lash lift longer and boost its effects. We offer an advanced aftercare serum that contains nutrients that support the lashes, in terms of growth and damage repair. Healthy lashes hold your tint and lift longer. Brow and Lash Toxx is an everyday nourishing mascara that helps support our lash lift and keep your lashes healthy. Planning for and carrying through with aftercare is essential to keeping your lashes healthy and strong.

At My Absolute Beauty, we arm our beauty professionals and their clients with the high-quality lash lift supplies they need to create woo-worthy lashes. 

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