Don’t Be A Beauty Pariah: Dodging Makeup Faux Pas (Part One)

We’re all guilty of committing makeup crimes, you know, those cringe-worthy photos where you went a little crazy with the powder — hello bad 90s makeup. Let’s vow now to never do that again!


Beauty connoisseurs use their face as the palette and makeup as their medium — it is a true art form. If you don’t spend hours practicing “putting on your face” — as our grandmothers so affectionately refer to it as — or combing through videos on Youtube, don’t sweat it, you can still look flawless!

But, there are rules and when you don’t follow the rules, you, well, make a makeup faux pas.

At My Absolute Beauty, we train beauty professionals to wave their beauty wands to create some of the most memorable brows and lashes around! Are you an unbeknownst makeup pariah? What makeup faux pas are you committing? Read on for more insight!  

Not Prepping

Failing to prep your face is setting yourself up to lackluster, sallow skin. On the other hand, prepped skin makes for flawless makeup. You all know the not-so-cute look: flaky skin or out-of-control-oil that makes applying makeup a nightmare.

It’s important to not only prep your skin by exfoliation, but in also choosing the right products for your skin type. If you have dry skin, try a serum or oil, and for overly oily skin try a primer specifically for that skin issue.  

Sporting Shade (The Wrong One)

One of the biggest faux pas to make is wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Now, this can happen as a result of the changing seasons — maybe your summer tan has faded — or you just flat out picked the wrong color.

Choosing the right foundation color in and of itself is as exhausting and intense as going to Ikea with your s/o — you might not make it out alive. You have to factor in what color your skin actually is because as we all know, it’s simply not just “olive.”  Do you have cool or warm tones? What is the lighting situation? Is it fun and hipster, but too dim, or is it so harsh you’re scared to actually look at yourself?!

So, we tend to run in and run out, crossing our fingers that it works. And then if it’s not, there’s the nightmare of being way too dark that you look like a floating head or too light to where you walk around the office and everyone is asking if you’re feeling okay.

You can’t win.  

The best advice to avoid this makeup disaster, take the time to find the right shade!

Pro tip: Find and keep on hand your summer and winter foundation!


Not Changing With The Seasons

It’s summer, the weather is nice and you’re wearing your favorite pastel dress, so why the heck are you still wearing blue eyeshadow and red lips? Lighten it up! Your makeup should reflect the seasons — the winter you can get away with darker shades, while in the summer you want a lighter, sun-kissed look. After all, unless you live in Florida, you don’t want to use bronzer in the dead-of-winter in Alaska — you’d look like Magda (the old lady) in There’s Something About Mary and that would just be weird.


To Blend, Or Not To Blend?

Everyone who loves makeup is shouting, BLEND right now and we love it! Yes, blend, always blend! This mistake is often seen with eyeshadow, and then the person looks like a woman of the night or the eyeshadow appears caked and muddy — not an attractive look!

We would hate it if you were out on a date at a fancy restaurant looking fresh to death, flaunting it to your crush, only to wink and watch a chunk of your eyeshadow fall straight into your Prosecco!

So, take those harsh line of color and blend!

Where do you fall on the faux pas line? Are you making any?

The takeaway from this is, now that you know, you can change what you’re doing! But, this is only the beginning! For more makeup faux pas, stay tuned for part deux!


To learn more about becoming a microblading or permanent makeup extraordinaire, connect with us today to learn more about our training!


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