The Ultimate Guide To Client Comfort During a Lash Lift

If your client is new to a keratin lash lift improve their experience by paying attention to the little things!

Lash lift appointments typically take less than an hour, but for a new client, that time can crawl if they’re not comfortable. After all, a lash lift is a new experience leaving those a little anxious both before and during the service, which is why taking care of the small details can make the service all the more enjoyable and turn them into a repeat client!

At My Absolute Beauty, we train and certify beauty professionals in providing industry-leading lash lifts! Client experience is vital to a successful business, which is why it’s important to connect and talk about the different ways to keep your client comfortable. So, grab a cup of coffee and take a moment to learn new tips in making a lash lift a great experience for a new customer!

How to Help Keep Your Clients Comfortable During a Lash Lift

Imagine, it’s your first lash lift, and you hop into a chair and lay back — sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? And then, as your cozying up in your the chair, your eyes are taped shut and you’re expected to lay still for the next hour or so.

For some clients this is the ultimate relaxation — they can catch a few zzz’s and awake with beautiful, long lashes.

For others, the claustrophobia sets in and they have a hard time relaxing.

Where do you begin in making your client feel at ease? Below are pro tips from lash lift experts!


When you schedule a lash lift service with a new client, ask if they’ve ever had one done and what their experience was. If they are completely new, schedule a little more time to discuss the procedure. Use this time to address any of their questions and talk about the stranger aspect such as the eye shields.

Or, refer them to a relevant website that explains the procedure in detail, beforehand.

The more information your client has, the more comfortable they’ll feel.

Once they’re in your chair, it’s a good idea to explain your process — how the lashes are applied and the safety measures you follow to create a healthy environment.

Provide tips for them beforehand.

One of the best tips that was ever bestowed is this: ask your client not to drink coffee or caffeine the day of their appointment.

Did hell just freeze? Was there a loud gasp?

We know, it’s asking a lot!

Why ask your client to abstain from caffeine the day of their appointment? Simple, the caffeine makes their eyes flutter making it increasingly difficult to perform a lash lift. As a result, the lash lift may take longer as you fight the movement.

You can also recommend that they bring along music, audiobooks, or podcasts to listen to, to help keep a calm, peaceful appointment.    

Work on both set of lashes.

This may seem counterintuitive, but when you work on both set of lashes at the same time, the lashes will be even should your client become too distracted or anxious to continue. This also allows for the option of stopping midway through — you can discuss that you’re halfway there and can continue, or you can give them the option to stop. Here, they’ll know if they can endure the additional time needed or not.

Create a relaxation station.

Salons or lash businesses love to offer clients adult beverages upon arrival, but what if you gave them a whole station to indulge in?

Create an area stocked with relaxing herbal tea such as lavender, chamomile, or lemon balm, in addition to some essential oils that can also quell anxiety. Play relaxing music and even make a couple of posters that have acupressure points they can target while waiting to usher the calm!

A lash lift is a standard service for beauty professionals, and to us, it’s old news — it’s been a minute since we’ve been a newb. Keep this in mind for your new or hesitant clients. Create an atmosphere where education is key and provide them with the best tips and information to help calm their anxieties.

If you’re interested in elevating your lash lift skills and techniques, connect with us today about our training opportunities.  

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