9 Steps to Introduce Your Clients to a Lash Lift (Part One)

You’re a beauty professional — you know lash lifts intimately, but when a potential client asks about them, sometimes your knowledge can get lost in translation.


Lash lift education is a key component to attracting new clients and keeping the ones you have, coming back. Since you’ve likely poured hours into your lash lift training and elevating your skills — from using the best products from My Absolute Beauty and learning new techniques — lash lifts are second nature and come naturally.


But, a small disconnect occurs when explaining it to clients — you have the whole picture while there’s a chance they have no idea what a lash lift actually is. It’s like going to a car mechanic and having them go into great detail about what’s causing your car issues, and you checked out at after malfunctioning O2 sensor!

Getting on the same page and walking your clients through what you do will not only bridge the knowledge gap, but they’re more likely to feel calm and relaxed about the procedure.   

My Absolute Beauty is the leading beauty brand that provides amazing lash lift products coupled with training that will heighten your skills and artistry! If you’d like some simple tangible steps to follow to ensure clear lash lift communication to your clients, follow along in today’s post.

How To Easily Explain a Lash Lift to Newbies

When you’re explaining a lash lift to someone new pretend as though they’ve never heard of it, because chances are they haven’t!  

So, where to begin?


Step 1: Explain who is the best candidate.

Lash lifts work amazingly on most women because a lot of us have straight, flat lashes that often aren’t enhanced by mascara. But unfortunately, lash lifts prove to be difficult with women who have very short lashes.  


Step 2: Explain the benefits.

This is where knowing your clients is important — or at the very least, ask the person you’re talking to lifestyle questions.

Explain that they may benefit if they’re allergic to false lash adhesive, hate stripping and damaging their current lashes from falsies, or are afraid in everything they do that their lashes will fall off.  

If they want a free and low-maintenance set of lashes that look amazing sans makeup and false lashes, this is an ideal option.

Let’s face it, a lash lift will benefit just about everyone — from active, fitness enthusiasts who hate fussing over makeup to busy moms who literally don’t have time to shower anymore!

Now, let’s focus more on the procedure itself.


Step 3: Explain what a lash lift actually is.

In the beauty industry, we equate a lash lift as a perm for your eyelashes, and it’s a great way to explain it to customers! It takes lashes that go unnoticed and gives them a really good boost — like an amazing lash curler would, only it’s much longer lasting. You get an alluring look that opens your eyes with a natural shape that is healthy and beneficial for your lashes.   


Step 4: Clarify the lash prep.

There is no preparation! A client is able to walk in and get a lash lift treatment that same day! The only prep that you may recommend is using a lovely lash serum to help grow and fortify their lashes before it. But, we can accommodate most lash types.  

It’s important to include your potential and current clients in the lash lift conversation — it can calm any anxieties and help people understand what to really expect.

You can begin by helping them understand what to do before the lash lift, what the benefits are, and who the best candidate is, in addition to explaining what a lash lift is and what the lash prep may look like.


There are a couple more steps to cover, so stay tuned for part two!


In the meantime, if you’re looking for a beauty brand that leads the industry with lash lift, brow tint, and semi-permanent makeup products along with world-class training, connect with us today and chat with us about how we can elevate your career!

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