Male Stars Who Are (Almost) as Famous As Their Eyebrows

In a lot of our posts, we rave about the leading ladies in Hollywood and how their brows work for them. We discuss the latest trendsetters and how our services — microblading, brow tinting, etc. — can help you steal...

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In a lot of our posts, we rave about the leading ladies in Hollywood and how their brows work for them. We discuss the latest trendsetters and how our services — microblading, brow tinting, etc. — can help you steal their look. It wasn’t until recent years that men, as well, have made eyebrow appointments popular at their local salon. So, in honor of our male counterparts who are taking advantage of these life-changing beauty services, we are taking today to discuss the manly brows of Hollywood.

Okay, so not all of these are brows that our beauty experts would shape, but today we are going to pay homage to those man-lebrities who are (almost) as famous as their eyebrows. You know, the on-screen guys whose brows proceed their reputation.

Male Brows

Jason Mamoa

The current hunk making everyone’s heart beat a little faster. When makes eye contact with the screen — and he does often — you could swear this mammoth of a man is staring directly at you. His sultry hazel eyes are very narrow, almost appearing squinted when he smiles, but that’s not what you’d notice at first glance. From across the room, his large triangle brows slashed with a (bar fight) scar on the left side immediately make him look intimidating. Just like his beard, Mamoa seems to go through eyebrow phases from neatly groomed to letting it grow wild. While we assume this may have something to do with the roles he plays, this heartthrob is no stranger to waxing, brow shaping, and strimming. The one thing that makes him stand out is the one thing he refuses to change — the high-angled arch and deep scar — and we can appreciate that.

Dwayne Johnson

Okay, okay, so he may have made the eyebrow list simply because of the eyebrow raise the Rock is known for, and not so much the brows themselves. But, we couldn’t have an infamous brow list and not mention this beefy star’s “People’s Eyebrow” — can you smell what he’s cooking? Even Maui borrowed his signature eyebrow in his animated debut.
Perhaps it is because of the absence of hair on his head or the fact that he takes the time to perfectly manicure both his eyebrows and his facial hair, but we have not seen a single image where Johnson’s brows don’t give us some serious eyebrow envy. The epitome of solid form, amazing dad, and brow grower, rock on, Dwayne.

Eugene Levy

If there is one thing that Eugene Levy is known for, it is his bushy, caterpillar brows. There is a whole list of other notable accomplishments. But the one thing we have to give him a round of applause for is honoring his brow bush and actually convincing us they are hot! Dare we say, he single brow-edly started the all-natural bushy brow trend of 2019? Okay, probably not, since he has been sporting the same brows for longer than any of us have been alive, but we’ll pretend for the moment. We think his perfectly groomed brows are what have made him age so well on camera. He has come a long way from the 90s Levy of wiry offshoots and keeps his brows trimmed and tinted so that we will be featuring him on lists like this one for decades to come, we can bet.

And, since we are on the topic, we can’t not acknowledge that he passed these perfect eyebrows down to his equally swoon-worthy son, Dan. Only time will tell who wears this legacy better.

Groucho Marx

You probably have no idea who we are talking about and you need a moment to Google his name. It’s okay, we will wait….. Groucho Marx was a comedian in the first half of the 1900s. He was known for the greasepaint mustache and eyebrows he would paint on as a disguise before he hopped on stage in his early career. We can’t help but think that his greasepaint led to the thought that we could modify our natural brows to the shape we wanted. Of course, we’ve come a long way in the last century and we think he’d be into getting some permanent makeup brows and eyebrow tinting to help accentuate his already bushy brows. Lucky for you, you live in an era where you don’t even have to know what greasepaint is. Trust us, stick to the professional eyebrow tints and pigments like Everlasting Brow.

Vanilla Ice

Having a 90s flashback? Nope, Vanilla Ice’d — dare we call him Vanilla Eyes? — slit eyebrows are making a comeback in the current trends. Vanilla Ice was known for his individual sense of style that included is over the top clothes, signature pompadour haircut, and his eyebrow slits. He would create intentional slices in his left eyebrow as a fashion statement. However, nearly 30 years later and the hair on the left side is still quite sparse. For those like Ice, if you are having problems with regrowing overplucked eyebrows, 2019 offers a few solutions including Everlasting Brow.

Notable brows on the red carpet

With so many notable brows on the red carpet, we didn’t get a chance to discuss everyone we were thinking about — Charlie Puth, Zayne Malik, Drake, Chris Pine, Dave Franco, and Kanye West — we left it to those who can be identified based solely on their eyebrow records. If you are a man who is looking for a better eyebrow solution or a beauty professional who offers eyebrow services, trust the proven results offered by eyebrow tints, Everlasting Brow permanent pigment, and Bold Brows eyebrow enhancer, all of which are perfect for both the male and female client. Browse the entire line of incredible brow products at My Absolute Beauty today.

The post Male Stars Who Are (Almost) as Famous As Their Eyebrows appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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