The Magic That’s In Action (Part One)

Taking a leap to grow your beauty biz can be debilitating, but you won’t get stuck if you decide to take action! 


Building or growing your beauty business is tough and many people drown in the what ifs and potential failures. But here comes the sappy sweet question, what would happen if you began to take action towards everything that called to you? What does this look like? Would you be scheduling a day full of lash lifts and posting like a wild person on social media touting your before and afters and blogging on how tos for lash tints and microblading? 


What does a thriving business look like to you? 

At My Absolute Beauty, we support you! We are your resource for online lash lift trainings and beauty products that will help you hone your craft! So, begin to take action and find out what happens when you do!


Action And The Beauty Biz


You know what’s easy, staying where you are and nestling into comfort. This is the mundane. This is where dreams die. Have you ever heard the expression, they stopped living at 25 and died at 85? 


That is this. Don’t stop living and take action. Grow your damn beauty business! Do something different and offer a new take on traditional beauty services such as lash lifts and microblading. 


So, what happens when you start taking action?


Magic. Pure alchemical magic.


Action sets the doers apart. 


How much do you hate hearing about someone’s lash lift dream day-after-day and month-after-month, only to watch nothing happen? It’s infuriating, it’s like, do the damn thing already! It’s also uninspiring, TBH, boring. 


We get it, action is paralyzing, but at some point you need to just do something! 


You know what is inspiring? Watching someone grind day in and day out, studying, taking online lash lift courses, and getting after it. It’s empowering and encouraging. 


Action Builds A Backbone


Growing a business is no joke! It takes a lot of hard work and requires more than just putting in hours at a 9-to-5. When you begin to take action, it only cultivates more action. And when you take action after action, your business backbone is built. You’ll have more confidence and you’ll learn to trust yourself more.  


Sometimes it’s just the actual physical act of making a move. It’s like when you’re beginning a new workout program and the first week or so it’s hard to peel yourself out of bed and make it to the gym. But, as long as you get your shoes on, you’re more likely to get moving.  


It’s about doing it anyway! Just put in your credit card number and hit send to purchase your lash lift online training program! 


Sure, you can’t predict the outcomes, but once you start finding your footing and figuring things out, you’ll begin to trust yourself more and be even more likely next time to put yourself out there.  


Action gives you feedback.


There is a trendy idea that is floating around right now, and it’s called a growth mindset. It’s a part of a duo — growth and fixed mindsets — and it essentially takes the idea that when we’re in a growth mindset we don’t just stop if there is a hiccup, but instead, you look for a different solution. 


When you take action, it’s not always going to be successful. Instead of ruminating in the failure, you pivot, gather the feedback and the lesson, and you try again. Soon you’ll begin to learn what works and what doesn’t and this is priceless feedback.   


Action will help you learn about failure, thus build your resiliency.


How do you respond to failure? Do you give up or do you throw yourself a tiny pity party and then get back to work?! The great thing about the action is that it will teach you about failure. After all, if you go through life and never experience failure, when you do, it may be pretty alarming. And, success doesn’t really teach us anything — it’s in the failure trenches that you have the aha moments.  


When you experience failure, you then build resiliency. You have to pick up the pieces and you have to move on. This is exactly what resilencey is. It’s taking the blows but trusting yourself enough to get up and try it again.  


Don’t play small and take one tiny step forward — it doesn’t have to be something monumental — it can be as easy as researching the lash lift online training courses online and picking one! Begin taking action and watch the magic unfold — action will build your confidence, set you apart, teach you important lessons, and help build your resilencey. 


Build your beauty business one service at a time and find the premier online courses to help get you started! 

Learn more today! 




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