How To Build Trust With Your Clients (Part One)

How To Build Trust With Your Clients (Part One) Our clients put their faith in us for lash lifts and the perfect brows, so it’s vital that they trust us!   When it comes to the features on our faces...

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How To Build Trust With Your Clients (Part One)

Our clients put their faith in us for lash lifts and the perfect brows, so it’s vital that they trust us!


When it comes to the features on our faces — lashes and brows — as a beauty professional you don’t want to screw them up or even give the impression that something could go wrong. Clients need to have full confidence in your skills, if you’re even going to build a bigger business!


At My Absolute Beauty,  we understand how trust is one of the most crucial aspects of your beauty business, after all, when you get brain surgery you don’t seek out the second best! Join us in today’s post as we begin a conversation about building trust with your clients. 

Lash Lifts And Microblading — You Bet Your Clients Have Looked Up The Fails! 


Before a client decides to embark on a lash lift or microblading journey, it’s very likely they’ll do a little research, after all, any mistake and they could end up looking really weird! They’ll look up the details about the procedures and even the lash lift and microblading fails, just to know exactly what they’re getting into!


Now we know if you’ve taken any of the My Absolute Beauty online training courses or lash lift seminars from us, you’re well-equipped and highly skilled for any of the beauty services including microblading and lash lifts. We know your skills, but how do you take it a step further and express this to your clients? That’s exactly what you’ll find below. Let’s dig in!


Decide you’re the lash lift and microblading expert. 


Listen we search and search for validation from others in the beauty industry, but at the end of the day, no one will likely tell you that yes indeed, you are the expert! So stop waiting for the validation and make yourself the microblading maven and the lash lift expert! 


You decide who you are! 


In the same vein, be honest with yourself — if you’re not quite there yet, gather some new skills and incite from those who are the experts and stake your claim when you’re ready. 


When we own what we are and who we are, there is no second guessing — not from ourselves and certainly not from our clients. Your bad-ass beauty skills don’t have to come from a book, diploma or certification — instead it can come from experience, spending countless hours and clients perfecting your microblading techniques or lash lift skills. Expertise is also found in results — the before and after photos are sheer, solid proof that you deliver what you say you will. 


Own your expertise!

You are as capable as you say you are.


How capable you are goes hand-in-hand with with your self-confidence and what your personal value is, so if you have a hard time convincing yourself of how amazing you are, you will have a difficult time doing this for clients as well.   


Success and winning your client’s trust begins with your attitude and who you believe you are. So start taking inventory and recognizing what makes you, you and how this plays to your strengths in the beauty industry.  


What makes you different is what gives you an edge. 


How many beauty professionals do you know that provide lash lift and microblading services? It’s likely most of them. This is the space where you need to be you and offer something just a smidge different. Perhaps you meet with clients before a service and talk through any concerns and then offer them a calming essential oil blend or CBD salve to help soothe their nerves. The latter is what makes you different — you’re caring, empathetic, and invested in your clients which builds trust and keeps them coming back!


Do What You’re Best At


Only you can do you, and that is what makes you, you and guess what?! There is room for every beauty professional bad-ass to take up space in our industry. So, if attention to detail is your fortay, you likely excel and microblading. Use this to your advantage and build trust by knowing where your strengths lie.  


Also, the more open and transparent you are about your skills, and even what you struggle with, this will make you more relateale and clients will flock to your authenticity and trust you because you tell them exactly where you stand. 


Ownership > Being Right 


You know what we need more of? People taking ownership. Taking responsibility no matter if it was their fault or not. When you own everything you create a space and a freedom for yourself, but your client’s also see this and appreciate it. It doesn’t even have to be anything big. It can be taking ownership that you’re running late for their appointment and giving them a small discount.  


You can’t control outcomes, but you can control how you respond. And if you can meet a situation through ownership, you no longer have to be right all the time and this just lessens the load. So, admit mistakes, say you’re wrong, and learn from these lessons! Your clients will understand, that you too, are human and taking responsibility builds trust and also softens people (hello difficult clients). 


Building trust with our clients, as we’ve examined, is a highly inside job. It’s exploring who we are and finding validation in ourselves. It’s knowing how capable you are and showing up as yourself and presenting what makes you, you. 


When you begin to let go of who you need to be in the beauty industry or what you think you’re supposed to be, you can lean more into yourself and that’s what your client’s will appreciate. They will see your willingness to admit you’re wrong and own it — this speaks volumes. When clients know your being real and authentic and not putting on an act, they know where you stand and will trust your abilities. 


There are a couple more things to explore when it comes to building trust with your clients, so stay tuned to part two!


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The post How To Build Trust With Your Clients (Part One) appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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