Lash Lift Musings: How To Actually Expand Your Services

Because beauty professionals are killing it and we want you to, too!


How does extra money sound? How about expanding your business? As a beauty professional and entrepreneur, this is the gold standard, or in old white dude speak, the bottom line. But, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is how


  • How do you get started?
  • How do you make more money?    
  • How do you increase your client base?


And, the answer is simple — you take a step and just do the thing, the thing being your business!

You can read all the books you want, take the experts out to lunch, and pick so many beauty expert brains, but in the end, it’s you and your business.


It’s trusting yourself. This is a very scary thing to do. When you’re embarking on your beauty business journey, you could succeed beautifully or fail.


The difference between you and someone else? You can take action. 


When you focus so much on the thinking portion of growing your business, people tend to get trapped in the processing and essentially beating a dead horse. This is a bad cycle to get into, because at some point you’ll either decide to take action, or you won’t — most people don’t!   


You begin where you are. Right here. 


What are you currently offering and where can you add additional services? 


If you’re already in a salon and offer hair services, make your client’s experience both unique and convenient by adding lash services such as lask lifts and lash tints. Not only is it a value add-on for them, but you can get more people in the door and make more money. 


But, this takes action. 


You’ll have to enroll in online lash lift training courses and begin your journey in offering lash services. Sometimes it’s taking the leap and trusting yourself enough to figure things out along the way. And, it’s always important to remember that the learning and growth isn’t in success, it’s in the failures along the way — big or small — they’re where the lessons are. 


Making The Decision To Take Action


Here you are. You’re at a crossroads where you’ll have to make a big decision about whether or not to get involved in lash lift services. It’s difficult and you find yourself wavering back and forth because you’ll ultimately end up having to spend time and money in this business endeavor and you’re just not sure you’re there.  


We get this, but take the leap! We talk to so many beauty professionals who were terrified to get started only to question why they didn’t do it sooner! How many times have you heard this or even done it yourself. 


You see, it’s not always as scary as it seems when you’re on the other side. Trust yourself! There is always another choice and you alone are in charge of your experience. 


And guess what, your confidence will grow the more action you take! Let that sink in! 


Will you choose expanding your services and making more money or would you rather sit this one out? 


Give yourself this experience and step into a place of abundance — more clients and more income! This is your experience, but it involves you choosing a new or contrasting path when the opportunity presents itself, and guess what, this is the opportunity!   


We invite you to take action and begin offering lash lift services today! We’re here to guide and support you and offer our resources!


For more information on taking the next steps in getting lash lift certified, connect with us today! 



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