Sculpting the Best Brows For Your Face Shape

Eyebrow Shaping There are a few beauty secrets that are timeless and offer an opportunity to fake it until you make it. Some of those long-time publicly acknowledged beauty hacks that your mom probably taught you include: Vertical stripes make...

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Eyebrow Shaping

There are a few beauty secrets that are timeless and offer an opportunity to fake it until you make it. Some of those long-time publicly acknowledged beauty hacks that your mom probably taught you include:

  • Vertical stripes make your legs look longer.
  • Use nail polish to stop panty-hose runs — if you even still wear them.
  • Never go to bed without washing and moisturizing.
  • Conditioner makes decent shave gel in a pinch.

But, as summer is quickly sweeping the nation and beach vacations will soon be in full swing, you’ll likely be ditching your full face of makeup for the season and rely more heavily on some of the things that won’t wash off in the humidity and salty-sea air — don’t worry, these things are doing wonders for your hair and skin!

What your mom didn’t tell you is that you can ditch your contouring and skip fighting with your extensions this summer, and rely more heavily on the shape of your eyebrows to add depth to your appearance and create a look that makes you look perfectly on-point at all times. And, what a season to get in on this brow-shaping trend. What, with all the options including brow tinting, waxing, and microblading, you can walk in your salon a hot mess and leave boasting summer-ready eye bush.

Before we jump right in, let’s discuss a few critical points. First, are we here to tell you that you aren’t absolutely gorgeous just the way you are? Absolutely not. Are we here to tell you that when you are modifying your gorgeous natural brows into something new and fierce is there a right way and a wrong way? Yes, kind of — there is a better way to achieve the results you want. And, we want to help you get the look that makes you feel as stunning as you are.

Okay, down to business. Let’s talk about how to shape your eyebrows to help enhance and accentuate your face, while highlighting your best features, all without a contour stick!

Heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is one that features a prominent forehead, where the eyebrow ends are the widest part of the head and a pointed chin creates a sharp, heart shape. Because the eyebrow area is already the widest part on the heart-shaped beauty, brow shaping will be focused on reducing the perceived width of the forehead to help make the chin appear less sharp.


To obtain this goal, you’ll want a softly shaped brow with a slight curve. Regardless of fullness, the heart-shaped girl will want to keep brows shorter to keep the attention drawn toward the middle of the face, namely the nose.


Long, thin brows will only help to accentuate the wide forehead and make the chin appear pointy. Emphasizing too much of a curve in the brow will make the forehead appear to be dragging or sagging, making you look much older and tired, along with literally outlining the heart shape of your face.

Our shining example of brows well done for heart-shaped divas is Chloë Grace Moretz. Notice that her full brows appear to end right about the end of her eyes, with just a slight curve. This eyebrow shape allows the eyes of the beholder to land in the middle of her face and help it appear softer and a little rounder.

Square-shaped face

A square-shaped face is that where the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all about the same width, featuring a squared jawline and much stronger angles than a round face. To keep in line with strength and angles of the square features, your brows should match.


Keep a lightly-angled brow with a lifted arch and longer tail. This will help keep the brows looking strong, confident, and natural, while helping to lengthen the face a bit.


Make a straight line with your brows, the linear look will only serve to create a boxy, and angry, look. Additionally, attempting to soften your brows by shaping them into slight curves will contradict your natural face shape and appear overdone.

Our most honorable mention square-shaped leading lady is Margot Robbie — and can we talk about her perfect awe-inspiring brows? With her full, thick brows lined perfectly in a long, angled arch, she is the definition of strong and confident.

Oval-shaped face

An oval face features a forehead that is not much wider than the chin, with the widest part of the face being the cheeks, which appear more curved than our diamond-shaped friends. The great news for our oval-shaped goddesses is that you can basically rock any brow shape you prefer.


Flaunt the brows you were born with! An oval face is naturally longer and tends to be more evenly proportioned, so play around with different brow styles until you find one that suits you. Straight, rounded, or slightly curved brows are the best options for oval faces.


Because of the soft angles of your facial features, avoid sharp angles in your brows. Hard angels will distract from the rest of your face and will appear starker on an oval face.

Our icon for the oval face is none other than the naturally flawless Kate Middleton. And, she chooses a straight brow that compliments her other facial features well.

Round face

A round shaped face is one that is about as long as it is wide with soft curves at the chin and jaw. Similar to the square face, but with a softer edge appearance. The best brow look for these queens is a soft, curved brow with a longer tail.


For a round face, keeping some texture to the brow by heightening the arch, without angling it, and keeping the tail longer helps provide the illusion of lengthening the face without harsh lines.


We apologize in advance, the list of don’ts is long for the round face. A straight brow is out because it makes the face appear shorter than it already is. Also, rounded brows will make the face look, well, rounder. And, sharp angles will create harsh edges that contradict the natural features

Our shining star, representing the round-shaped stars with stunning brows is Chirssy Teigen. With her elevated arch and tapered brow tails, her face looks basically perfect.

Diamond-shaped face

The diamond-face starlettes, much like the oval-face, have a face that is longer than it is wide. However, the jawline is much more angular with a pointed chin, more like a heart-shaped face without the prominent forehead.


Help soften the angles of your face with some gentle curves in the arch of your brow. Keep the lines short and tamed to help draw gazers to the middle of your face.


Avoid straight brows on a diamond face because this will elongate the already longest (or in this case, widest) part of your face. Also, avoid harsh angles in the arch of your brow which will only serve to make your face appear pointed.

Our diamond in the rouge is Anna Kendrick. Her full eyebrows are tapered gently to the end of her eyes to help make her face look a little longer than it is and the soft angle in her arch helps soften the strong angles to make her look heavenly.

At My Absolute Beauty, we carry the products and conduct the training that helps beauty professionals create the perfect brows for any face. So, when you are unsure of what face shape you have or which brow would look best on you, trust your local, experienced beauty professional. For total brow care, find a certified stylist near you!

Eyebrow Shaping

The post Sculpting the Best Brows For Your Face Shape appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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