What Your Eyebrows May Be Saying About You (And It’s Not What You Think)

Women are flocking and embracing big brows, so what is this saying about us?

We want big brows and the money we’re willing to shell out only cements this. We’re spending money on everything from brow fillers to microblading to acquire the perfect brow that makes a statement.

So, what is this largely saying about us? Research points to narcissism!

At My Absolute Beauty,  great eyebrows are an act of self-care and self-love — they spread confidence and revive the spirit! So, let’s raise our glasses to looking and feeling our best! Join in today’s musing as we explore why research thinks those with shabby-chic brows share narcissistic traits!

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Brows and Narcissism: Are They Related

When you think of a narcissist your ex-lovers may come to mind, or perhaps Christian Bales character from American Psycho, but women with bushy, yet kept eyebrows, no way!

While narcissism is a serious disorder that needs to be clinically diagnosed and has more to do with a person’s behaviors and not so much their looks, let’s indulge a little and have fun with the thought that those with bold brows are more likely to be narcissists!


What is a narcissistic personality you ask?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is highlighted when a person lacks empathy and has a need for attention and recognition. The qualities that often comes to mind when we think of a narcissist is manipulative, demanding, controlling, arrogant, and self-serving.


So, what does this have to do with eyebrows?

In a 2018 publication in the Journal of Personality, they conducted a whole study on eyebrows and how they may relate to narcissism. The study looked at if there are any facial features that narcissists may have in common.

The research was conducted by looking at cropped photos — at the eyebrows and above — after participants took the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, used to measure narcissism in people on a scale.

In another group, they looked at the eyebrows and rated them based on density and thickness, grooming, and femininity.

The findings — those with well-kept eyebrows had a higher narcissism score!

It went on to point out that those who displayed more narcissism wanted to be and feel more recognizable with a distinct look.

We need to ask the question then, why the eyebrows and why not the lips or lashes.

The eyebrows frame the face, they’re the one thing that can really make you recognizable, so when they’re augmented (big and bold) it also makes you more noticeable. Narcissists from the research were noted to be more motivated to attain their brows and keep them dense and thick for better recognition.


Does Every Beautiful Brow Teter on NPD?


Don’t fret if you love your bushy brows, it doesn’t mean you’re a quintessential narcissist! The reality of the bold brow trend is they look amazing and they even make you look younger, but if you dig a little on Tinder, you may be able to avoid some crazy dates based on their eyebrows.

Now, that sounds like an experiment we can get behind!

When Bold Brows Aren’t What You Think…

Sure, with big, lush brows you may sway more towards narcissistic personality traits, but let’s not get too far ahead, amazingly defined brows can mean so many other things!

  • A Woman of Confidence – When your brows are full and thick, the cosmos align and everything in your life is well. Great brows usher confidence and help you take up the space that is rightfully yours!
  • A Woman Who Cares – The #garabageperson look and sentiment is trending right now, which for some is great, those some who love slummin’ it, but for everyone else, the look is a bit questionable. When your brows are well-groomed, it helps to pull everything together. Brows show you care, even when you show up in sweatpants!
  • Strong Leadership – Fake it til’ you make it, right? We all have Imposter Syndrome at one point in our lives. What is Imposter Syndrome? It’s that feeling you get when you think you don’t belong amongst your peers, and that at some point they’re going to discover you’re a fraud and that you don’t deserve all that you’ve achieved.


It’s the notion that you’ve only made because of luck and because of your hard work, skills, and talents.

Have you ever felt that? Then you are not alone! Many women struggle with this, and perhaps brows can remedy it!  

When you’re confident on the outside — brows included — it can help foster your potential. So, show them that you are a leader and that you deserve a spot at the table.

With all the talk about narcissism, My Absolute Beauty hopes to quench the notion that having great eyebrows means you’re full of yourself or demand all the attention.

Let’s rewrite this narrative and define bold brows for ourselves! Thick, full, and defined brows strike up self-confidence, self-worth, and leadership!


Why choose My Absolute Beauty over other beauty industry experts?


My Absolute Beauty is unique in that it fuses beauty training and education with incredible products.  


If you’re ready to embrace what luscious brows really are and want to spread this to your clients, reach out to us today!     



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