Navigating Brows With Glasses

Because achieving big, beautiful brows with makeup while wearing glasses can get, well, interesting!

Rocking glasses — whether by prescription or the blue-light blocking variety — is already a statement piece that frames your face, so adding thick, full brows into the mix only brings more intrigue to your look.

And then there are the makeup brow fillers that go and mess this look up — glasses and brow makeup were not exactly created for each other! So, what is a girl who slays to do?  

My Absolute Beauty has a solution for the glasses vs. brows conundrum! We are the honeypot for all resources and products related to brows and lashes! To find out the solution to this brow predicament, read on!

Glasses vs. Brows

Wearing glasses can create a dilemma if you wear makeup. Currently large, bold frames are in and as a result, they love to rub and smudge perfectly crafted brows, eye makeup, and any under eye concealer or foundation.

So, how do you maintain that lovely, professional, polished look without looking like a train wreck by lunch?

A word.

If your frames cover your brows, don’t worry too much about making them perfect with eyebrow filler. Fill in any patches and create a quick outline — keeping things simple is the key here. Less is more in this situation.

It’s also important to note that if your frames are black or a dark color, a bold brow may not even be needed — don’t make your brows compete with your frames. Just focus on a nice, trim brow that is groomed to perfection, which may mean getting a little more diligent in your stray-tweezing game — remember everything is magnified when you wear glasses.  

When it comes to the other makeup, again, less is always more. Sometimes a full eye — eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow — can get muddled behind glasses. Wearing simply mascara keeps your eye clean and fresh.


The Perfect Solution From My Absolute Beauty

Is spending time on your brows every morning just the worst? Or, that awkward moment when you’re at the pool or on a weekend getaway with your new lover and your eyebrows disappear in the water or the pillows!

Do you ever wish there was a solution beyond an eyebrow filler? There is, and we’ll fill you in on a trusted secret — microblading.

Microblading gives you your time back and helps squash awkward moments — including smudged brows from glasses — and creates a lush brow that lasts.

Now you can wear your statement glasses and not worry about your brows rubbing off or spend your time constantly checking and fretting that they’re a little off — it’s like having a piece of food wedged in your teeth, but it’s your brows!


New to microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that acts like an eyebrow filler to create full brows that won’t rub or rinse away — it’ll give you your confidence back!

Microblading implements tiny needles in a variety of shapes and patterns — from a single stroke needle to multiple tips that are superb for shading. Whatever look you want to achieve, microblading can make it happen.

If you’re concerned about the right color, My Absolute Beauty has the leading mixable pigments to craft a color that fits the tone of your skin, yet enhances and highlights your brows.


Are You a Beauty Professional?

If you’re a beauty professional, you’re probably privy to microblading, but are you offering it as a service? If you’ve been putting it off or don’t know how to start, My Absolute Beauty has you covered! We offer extensive online and classroom training options to elevate your beauty career.

Start here:

  • Live online training – We offer a myriad of online training.
  • Find a Trainer – If you’re curious about how you can embark on hands-on microblading training in your area, check out if we’re available in your state.
  • Trainers – Meet our master trainers who have extensive training, education, and hours of hands-on training to assist you in your new beauty adventure.  
  • Microblading and Lash Life Products – If you’re already certified in microblading and/or lash lifts, My Absolute Beauty has a vast inventory of products for your services. Find everything from complete lash lift packs and tint kits, to application brushes and microblading needles.  

Microblading is an excellent option to achieve lush brows and My Absolute has your back!


To find out more information, connect with us today!


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