Melt-Proof Eyebrows in Time For Summer

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Yes, it is the year of the full, untamed brow, fluffed and brushed — everything but the Aquanet! Unfortunately, for many of us, obtaining the full brow look means filling in with a little pencil and combing in a little eyebrow mascara. While this makes for stunning eyes full of emotion and expression over cocktails in the evening, the real problem is those summer days beaching in the sun or hanging poolside in the coastal humid air.

There is nothing cute about melting or smudging eyebrows that can’t last the day.

Yes, you can opt for some waterproof makeup options, but lounging in the pool is not what these tools were made for and chances are, you’ll be left with at least a few streaks by the end of the day. And, while you want to call some attention to yourself and steal a few glances from the hottie across the party, half-melted eyebrows is not how you want to achieve those gazes. So what’s a girl to do? Follow along in today’s post as we divulge all of fall 2019’s eyebrow secrets that, if you missed out on, it’s not too late!

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Microblading is about as good as it gets in terms of the perfect brow. This technique allows your beauty professional to expertly draw in luscious, thick brows that look completely real. If you just want your new brows to last, confidently, through the summer beach parties without the commitment of forever, Brow Henna is a clutch option. Simple to put on, easy to match your skin, eye, and hair color, and made from natural ingredients, Brow Henna offers a semi-permanent natural-looking color that lasts 6 to 8 weeks — much longer than your current summer fling.

If you are over the fuss and have found your perfect forever look, you can opt for permanent makeup like the rich pigments from Everlasting Brow. The Everlasting line of permanent makeup can be blended to create the perfect shade to match your unique hair color. When your beauty professional microblades with Everlasting pigment, you will gain full, thick, brows that are sure to last 18 months to upward of two years — long enough to see the next trends come into clear focus.


Want the look of thick, full brows, without the commitment of permanent makeup? Give eyebrow tinting a try. With the help of your favorite beauty professional and tint, you can get a deeper, richer brow color on the current brow bush you’ve grown. Tinting is the semi-permanent solution to combing in mascara, that is sure to refuse washing out in even the highest of tides.

For the best results and brows that will make all the other beachgoers jealously feature you in their social media stories, combine the two and go all in this summer. When you tint the hair on top of microblading, you get the appearance of full brows that won’t fade with the warm summer nights.

Look perfectly tousled in every pic this summer with your beach tossed hair, bronzed cheekbones, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. When you are looking for these services, trust the beauty professional who uses the quality products, available at My Absolute Beauty. Not only are these products — Brow Henna and Everlasting Brow,— the mark of quality and assurance in the beauty industry, but any salon that is an authorized distributor of these products has gone through rigorous training from the industry’s leaders. To find a beauty professional near you who offers these quality services with these world-renowned products, connect with us online!

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