Fill Your Karmic Tank: Part Deux

Welcome back! We had so many positive reviews on our Do Good in the World post that we decided to continue discussing the populations that can use your talents in the most appreciative ways. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to go back and read our first post. You will discover some of the ways that you can put your professional beauty skills — microblading, semi-permanent makeup application, brow tinting, lash lift, and eyelash tinting — to great use helping those who need it most.

Not only does helping the underserved and perhaps less fortunate help spread positivity and beauty in the world. But it also helps you build your portfolio with dramatic before and after photos. Meanwhile, it makes the women you work on feel the way they deserve to. And, you can fill your karmic tank with all the good deeds. That is good for both you and your clients’ souls.

If your salon is in a position to offer free services to certain clients, we encourage you to pay it forward and take on a client or two pro bono. However, we would never recommend that you put your own pocketbook at risk. You can offer instead to provide discounts or complimentary add-on services with the purchase of another one.

Join us today as we offer a few more suggestions about populations who can use your services and appreciate them more than you could know.

Alopecia support group.

Alopecia affects people of all ages and can have a dramatic impact on the self-esteem of the person who is diagnosed. It causes a person to lose all of their hair. This means not only the hair on their head, but also their eyebrows and eyelashes.

This literally creates a blank canvas for you to create the eyebrows they have always dreamed of! Microblade full brows in a blended shade of Brow Henna or Everlasting Brow to the color palette of their wildest fantasies.

The homeless shelter.

This population should be fairly obvious. The homeless population can always benefit from whatever those who have can give. While you don’t need to offer a semi-permanent makeup application to the lady living in a tent, you can definitely offer to help someone who is down on their luck and trying to get back on their feet. Nail an interview with some perfectly manicured brows and bat-worthy lashes.

We offer you a way to give the homeless women at the shelter the perfectly curled lashes they will love, no mascara or curling wand required!

We arm you with the training and certification necessary to make a beautiful difference in your clients’ lives. My Absolute Beauty will also arm you with the quality beauty products you need to work your magic. We believe in delivering natural, honest beauty products for beauty professionals to use in their salons around the world. Shop our entire collection of vegan-friendly, completely customizable beauty products online today.

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