6 Perks of Lash Extensions

6 Perks of Lash Extensions We’ve all asked ourselves these questions: Are eyelash extensions worth it? Should I get eyelash extensions? Lash Extensions have made big waves in the beauty industry lately. With such a huge following, it’s only natural...

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6 Perks of Lash Extensions

We’ve all asked ourselves these questions: Are eyelash extensions worth it? Should I get eyelash extensions? Lash Extensions have made big waves in the beauty industry lately. With such a huge following, it’s only natural to be interested in eyelash extensions. Odds are that you or a few people that you know already have lash extensions or have looked into getting them. Lusting after luxuriously long lashes is only natural. 

For anybody out there that is considering getting lash extensions right now, keep reading! Today we are going to explore the perks of lash extensions. This blog is going to fill you in on the many things that eyelash extensions can do for you. Disclaimer: Lash extensions perform nothing short of miracles for your lash game, so be careful… They are addicting!

Lash Extensions to the Rescue

It’s 2017 and I’m standing in the rain, face to the sky, smiling. It wasn’t supposed to rain today, but it is. Not just a little, we are talking torrential downpour. All around me are women attempting to cover what’s left of their makeup. Black mascara stains their cheeks. Falsies are inching down their faces like fuzzy caterpillars. 

Men’s jackets are being forcibly removed and turned into makeshift umbrellas. The coverage provided by a tiny lamp post has become a brawling ring for the raccoon-eyed women who couldn’t secure a jacket. The sounds of grown women shrieking echoes through the air. 

I look around me and I am met with the eyes of my new sister-in-law. Her wedding dress is drenched in mud, her hair is flat from the rain, and she still somehow looks flawless. Amidst all the chaos, the two of us stand unafraid of the rain on our faces. What’s our secret? Eyelash extensions.


1. Nobody Has to Know You’re Wearing Them

If you get lash extensions, it can be your little secret. One of the main goals that people with eyelash extensions are trying to accomplish is an “effortless beauty” effect. If you are in search of lashes that look gorgeous the moment you roll out of bed, lash extensions are for you. That’s not to say that lash extensions require no maintenance at all, but they are certainly easier than applying mascara every morning! 

The best part: Nobody has to know that you are even wearing lash extensions. A good lash extension application will be so convincing that you can pass them off as your own!

Eyelash extensions can help you obtain luxuriously long lashes that are almost indistinguishable from your natural lashes. Because extensions are placed as close to your eyelid as possible, lash extensions blend seamlessly into your natural lashes. 

With a classic set, each lash receives one extension. With a volume set, each lash will have multiple lashes glued to them. Since all of the extensions are so close to the base of your eyelid, people will not be able to distinguish them from your natural lash. 

What does that mean for you? Nobody will be able to even tell you have lash extensions on. You can flaunt your fabulous lashes around without fear of them looking like fakes. 


2. Get Your Lashes Looking Exactly How You Want

Eyelash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all treatment. When you go to your appointment, a good lash stylist will take the time to discuss your lash goals. When you get your lash extensions applied, you can expect your lashes to be customized to your specifications. 

Show your stylist exactly what effect you want to accomplish with your eyelash extension application.  If you’ve been seeing pictures of lashes on social media that are #goals, make sure to share them with your lash technician. 

That said, be sure to go into your appointment with realistic expectations. Keep in mind that the lash artist is the professional, and they will be able to tell you what kind of look your natural lashes are strong enough to support. 

If you are wanting extremely full and bold lashes, you may have to tone down your expectations due to your natural lashes not being able to support the weight of the lashes. You always want to be careful when applying lash extensions that your natural lash is strong enough to hold the extension in place. Be sure to take any recommendations that your lash stylist has for you to heart.

Seek Out an Experienced Lash Artist

If you do not find a good lash artist, they might let you go heavier on the lash extensions than your natural lashes can support. This is when people get all of the issues that are possible with lash extensions. Because of a lack of professional training, your stylist can overexert your natural lashes and cause them to break or fall off prematurely. Be very picky about whom you trust your lashes to. At My Absolute Beauty, we recommend seeing a stylist who is trained in using InLei’s superior products.


3. Spend Less Time Getting Ready

How does extra sleeping time sound to you? For lots of people, extra sleep is as hard to come by as winning lottery tickets. With lash extensions, you will win the sleep-in jackpot! Imagine waking up and already looking fresh and ready to go. Feel good factor: Level 100. You will wake up looking glamorous as a Kardashian, and you will be better rested than ever. 

Since the extensions are thick and long enough, most people no longer feel the need to enhance their lashes with mascara or eyeliner while they are wearing lash extensions. Kiss your mascara, eyeliner and lash curling routine goodbye because lash extensions have got you covered on all bases. Fewer steps in your morning routine translate to more sleeping, so be prepared to change those alarm clocks to twenty minutes later than usual.


4. Say Goodbye to Your Mascara

Let’s talk about the disaster that is mascara. Truth: anything that can be completely ruined at the hand of one ill-timed sneeze has no business being in your life. Sadly, for lots of people, their eyelashes are in a committed relationship with their mascara wand. For years, they spend a significant amount of their morning routine meticulously coating their lashes. At night, they violently rub all of their hard work off. In the morning, the cycle begins again. 

Give yourself the power to cry without fear of raccoon eyes. Stop worrying about your mascara flaking and smudging throughout the day. Begin your day with lashes that are ready for the day as fast as you are, and that won’t end up smudged down your cheeks. Treat yourself, your lashes deserve to be flawless. Introduce them to their new best friend: Extensions.


5. Avoid the Hassle of Falsies

The last thing anybody wants to do is wrestle around with a glue-soaked piece of fake furry lashes. Can you imagine how much time you could save by not having to go to war against your falsies every morning? It seems like no matter how hard you try, your glue just won’t stay wet long enough to bond right, or your glue is too gooey to set. 

Instead of spending the next few years finding a happy medium between the two, give yourself the lashes of your dreams without the mess. Your eyelids deserve a break from the goo, and you do too!

6. Water or Rain Won’t Be a Problem 

How many times have you been invited to do something fun, but second-guessed whether you could because of your makeup? If your answer is more than none, you need eyelash extensions in your life! Stop living in fear that your entire face will be ruined by a splash of water. 

If you’ve ever had to watch your friends have water-filled fun while you watch from the sidelines, we have the solution for you. If you treat yourself to eyelash extensions, your mascara won’t run. You will never have to worry about your falsies giving up and sliding across your eyelids. 

When your friends sneak attack you with a water balloon in the face, you will laugh it off. Unlike the attendees at my sister-in-law’s wedding, you won’t find yourself wrestling with another grown woman while you seek shelter from the rain – You’ll be dancing in it.


Conclusion: You Won’t Regret It.

When you consider all of the perks of getting lash extensions, it becomes clear that they will change your life for the better. Lash extensions look so natural that the fact you even have them on can stay a secret between you and your lash artist. They can be customized to fit your lash goals, and if those goals change over time, so can your extensions. Racoon eyes will be a thing of the past, and struggling with glue and tweezers will finally come to an end. 

If you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to have eyelash extensions, you are missing out on something huge! Eyelash extensions help you to look and feel your best, all while saving you valuable time on your morning routine. Give yourself the luxuriously long lashes of your dreams, you deserve it!


Looking for a way to save? Use code: SPECIAL10 at checkout for 10% off your total purchase. Happy shopping!


The post 6 Perks of Lash Extensions appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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