Lash Lift for Kids and Other Age-Appropriate Questions Answered

Most girls want to do what mommy does. When you do your hair nice and pretty, your daughter wants her hair done. When you put on makeup, your daughter wants to apply makeup as well. Anytime you, as a mom,...

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Most girls want to do what mommy does. When you do your hair nice and pretty, your daughter wants her hair done. When you put on makeup, your daughter wants to apply makeup as well. Anytime you, as a mom, do anything, your daughter naturally wants to emulate you. This behavior is ingrained in not only humans, but animals as well. It’s part of our DNA for survival, and ever since the dawn of time, mothers have been teaching daughters how to survive.

It’s only been recently that society has had the luxury of not having to scratch a living out of the earth every day and has had the free time to indulge in beauty treatments. Furthermore, with the advent of the internet, it has become commonplace for moms to discover what other moms are doing as well. So we had to ask: when is it okay for your daughter to have beauty treatments, including lash lifts?

My Absolute Beauty offers the best lash lift training courses that are accessible easily online. We also offer lash lift supplies to go along with your lash lift training so you can begin right away to offer your new skills to women and men everywhere who want longer lashes the all-natural way. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the question of when you should allow your daughter to have beauty treatments. Visit us online today to get started!


Consider the Treatment

Some beauty treatments are innocuous, such as coloring your hair or painting your nails. These are fun activities to do and make young girls feel better about themselves and a bit older as well. However, other beauty treatments that are a bit more invasive, such as microneedling, facials, or Botox, that are purely for cosmetic reasons should be allowed with an abundance of caution. Injectables, for example, are meant to eliminate the signs of aging. Your daughter had no signs of aging and so thus shouldn’t need an injection. Furthermore, your daughter is still growing, and putting a foreign substance into her body might not be the best idea. My Absolute Beauty recommends that you consider the treatment your daughter wants.

Consider the Reason

Having a fun spa day out with mom can be exciting and can promote bonding between you and your daughter. Getting a massage, having a manicure and/or pedicure done, and going shopping with mom afterwards can be very rewarding activities that can form great memories for both of you. Furthermore, if your daughter wants to get a facial to help with acne because she is getting teased in school, then a beauty treatment is definitely warranted. However, if your daughter wants to get Botox because Sally Mae is getting Botox, then a denial is probably in order.

Consider the Child

Every child is different. Some kids don’t want to grow up and are perfectly happy staying away from salons, day spas, and aesthetician clinics. However, some girls can’t wait to look older and do want to get a lash lift along with you the next time you go. This can be important to your daughter for a variety of reasons, such as fitting in at school if everyone else is getting beauty treatments to helping her feel better about her looks.

My Absolute Beauty notes that there is a delicate balance between encouraging your daughter to embrace her natural beauty and also encouraging her to engage in a beauty treatment to not only improve her appearance, but also to feel better about her appearance.

In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your daughter. It will come down to what the parent and child think is appropriate and right. If your daughter has a healthy self-image and understands that beauty treatments are to enhance their natural beauty and not replace it, then beauty treatments have a place. If your daughter comes to depend upon beauty treatments to define her looks, then it will be time to take a step back and help her redefine beauty.

One final caveat: don’t forget about the power you, as the mom, have over your daughter’s attitude towards beauty and how she feels about herself. If you have a healthy relationship with beauty treatments, then you daughter will likely as well. If you don’t, then your daughter could be in danger of developing your attitude as well.


  • Go au-natural. You don’t need makeup on every time you leave the house. Run to the grocery store sans makeup and in your pajamas for the ultimate in comfort.
  • Don’t overindulge. If you always get every beauty treatment under the sun, from lash lifts, Botox, microneedling, facials, and the like, then odds are your daughter will think she should as well. If you only do a couple of beauty treatments every now and then, then your daughter will know that it’s okay to not be over-the-top with beauty.
  • Let it lapse. If you go longer in-between sessions, such as waiting a few extra weeks before you get another lash lift, your daughter will recognize that although beauty treatments are nice to have, they are not essential to your everyday life, world, and how you feel about yourself.


My Absolute Beauty makes it easy to get trained in lash lifts. We offer online lash lift training that will certify you in InLei Lash Lifting. The training is through a webinar with a certified InLei certified trainer. You will also receive a video chat as part of your lash lift training. Once you complete the training, you’ll receive lifetime support from your instructor. As part of the training, you will also receive one of our lash lift kits that includes everything you will need to get started, from lift and setting lotions to rods, brushes, and aftercare keratin gel. 

My Absolute Beauty wants to ensure you have the best training so you can offer the best lash lifts to your customers. We also offer displays for your use, as well as promotional flyers. On our website and in select dealers, you will find the highest-quality beauty products for your salon or day spa. As the ultimate beauty store for licensed beauty industry professionals, you’ll find everything you need for lash lifts at affordable prices. 

When you invest in yourself and others through your training, you will find being a lash lift artist extremely rewarding as you help others feel better about themselves and achieve the look they desire. Contact us today to get started!

The post Lash Lift for Kids and Other Age-Appropriate Questions Answered appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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