When You Need to Get Your Brows Done

Brows are everything right now — don’t miss out the trend that elevates your looks!

Microblading Solutions: When You Need to Get Your Brows Done

The 90s are over (sad in so many ways), yet we’re so thankful they took their overplucking trend with them! Big, jungle-esque brows are having more than a moment. Women are relishing in the “you do you, boo” are riding the bushy brow wave.

But, is there something as too much brow?

At My Absolute Beauty, brows are our thing, so when we see a good brow we can’t help but think, we had a hand in creating those! If brows are your thing too, or you want them to be, take a moment of self-care, rest, pause, or whatever you want to call it and part the brow seas with us.

Brows: Is Too Much of a Good Thing, Bad?

Bold brows — you know them and we know you love them. There is Beyonce, Cara Delevingne, Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz, and so many other women rocking the bold brow, but then the question begs to be answered, is the caterpillar-brow ever too much?

It’s about fine-tuning your brows.

While most of us have to deal with the opposite — thinning or patchy brows — if you’ve been #blessed with too much, you’re sitting in a pretty good situation.

Sometimes it’s the naturally big brows that get ignored because they’re trending, why fix what’s not broken? But, if your brows ever turn the corner and become bushy rectangles, well my friend, you need to reel them in and fine-tune them!


The Business of Maintaining Your Brows (When You’ve Never Had To)

This is a shout out to the big-browed women who have no idea where to start with their creeping, fuzzy caterpillars.  

How often is maintenance required? Every other week, once a month, when?

Well, everyone is different, so it will just depend on how fast and thick your brows grow in as to when you should shape them.

Four to eight weeks is a typical cycle, so you’ll probably fall somewhere within those parameters. Along the way, however, you can always pluck the strays or the hairs that stick straight out.

Embrace the shaggy-chic brows!

If your brows are a little out-of-sorts or unruly, the beauty pros recommend investing in a brow comb/shaper and adding a little product or oil to them to present a more polished look — besides, you might miss the overgrown jungle with a nice shine! It’s reflection, baby!


When you’re not the person with naturally big brows…

The reality is, we can all use a little help in the brow department. They often grow in bizarre and patchy, and for some, they’re so light you can hardly see them!

If this sounds like you, you can benefit from microblading and brow tinting.

Microblading is a wonderful, semi-permanent solution to fill in patchy brows in a way that makes them look bold, yet natural, while brow tint takes those hard-to-see brows to another level to help frame and highlight your face.


Microblade With My Absolute Beauty

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