A Few Tips to Market Your Beauty Services

As a beauty professional, whether as a salon owner or an independent stylist, you depend on your client base and offering services to make your income. However, when people don’t know what you offer or how great your skills are, it is difficult to grow your book and fill your calendar. To gain more clients and build a following of loyal ones, you need an effective marketing strategy.

At My Absolute Beauty, we are the United State’s authorized Elleebana direct distributor and training company. We work hard to help our beauty professionals establish successful, thriving businesses by offering world-renowned products and training by the industry’s top experts. For our trained and certified Elleebana professionals, we offer all the marketing materials you need to promote your skills and let potential clients know what you have to offer. Join us in today’s post as we discuss some ways you can market your services and fill your scheduling book.


There is no way to get your name out there without getting out there and letting people know your name! In a saturated industry, you cannot sit back and let your skills speak for themselves, you have to let people know you have those skills. Networking can include anything from engaging in community activities, offering your services at different events, or going bigger by attending conferences and trade shows. Put a face to your name and let people know who you are — the beauty goddess with unmatched skills.

Be active on social media.

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Social media is so much more than sharing memes and current events. Social media is a social platform that brings people together and makes them aware of things. Use social media to your advantage and as an avenue to showcase your skills. Be active on social media, like, share, post, comment, be an active participant in your social media community. Send a positive vibe and constantly be in people’s feeds. Don’t be annoying or obtrusive, but put your after photos out there and constantly remind people of what you are capable of doing for them.

Create original content.

In an age of digital marketing, an effective content strategy is key. Organic search engine rankings will help you dominate your competition and will fuel your marketing efforts long after you stop running ads or posting on social media. Create engaging content for your clients to read. Give them all the information they need to make informed decisions and educate themselves on services, products, and current trends. The single most important element to content creation is that it is unique. Duplicate, copied, or unoriginal content can hurt your rankings and drop your placement in search engine results.

Use current marketing campaigns.

There is nothing more devastating to your marketing efforts than using old ad campaigns or leaving the same marketing posters to hang for years. Ensure that your print marketing materials are current and breathe freshness into your client’s view and promote the current trends and latest techniques. Let passersby know that you are modern and relevant, at all times.

Get certified and documented.

One of the biggest things you can do to help build your client base is to get trained and certified. When you do, you become registered as an authorized beauty professional. For instance, when you take the Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift training, you become certified and then listed as a stylist on My Absolute Beauty’s “find a stylist” page. When your clients are looking for someone with your training and skills, there you’ll be, listed for all to see.

At My Absolute Beauty, we do everything we can to help support our beauty professionals. We offer training and certification for lash lift, lash and brow tinting, and brow henna. We carry the industry’s top products and are proud to be the nation’s authorized direct wholesale distributor of Elleebana products. For all of your lash lift training and supply needs, as well as marketing products, visit us online or reach out to us today.

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