Demystifying Eyelash Extensions — Beauty Jargon Simplified

When you order your vanilla soy latte, affogato, with light foam at your favorite coffee bar, it may sound like greek to the patron behind you, but what is delivered into your cup is pure perfection, the treasure your day...

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When you order your vanilla soy latte, affogato, with light foam at your favorite coffee bar, it may sound like greek to the patron behind you, but what is delivered into your cup is pure perfection, the treasure your day needs to be a great one. The same is true when you are discussing your eyelash extensions with your beauty professional. If you were to order volume 3:1, 0.07mm x 10mm extensions with a D curl, are you certain you’ll be leaving the salon batting your gorgeous lashes or will it leave you sporting sunglasses until you can have them removed (don’t worry, if you want volume, you’d love them!)? So many options! At My Absolute Beauty, we offer extensive training to beauty professionals who plan to offer eyelash extension services because these are not corner-pharmacy stick-on lashes, these are Elleebana Eyelash Extensions. In today’s blog, we will break down the different eyelash lift designators so that, like your coffee, you can get exactly what you want from your lashes.

Classic vs. Volume Lashes

First things first, you have to decide what you want eyelash extensions for. Of course, it is because you want low-maintenance eyelashes that are striking. Because, as we all know, eyelash extensions offer the convenience of negating the need for mascara, eyeliner, and lash curling.
The average person has between 120 and 250 eyelashes on the upper lid and about 100 eyelashes on the lower lid. The decision to get eyelash extensions may be a result of hair loss or to simply increase lash count from the 150 range to closer to the 250 — or beyond — range for a fuller, thicker look!

Classic Extensions

If you are looking to simply enhance your natural lashes where curling and mascara are no longer a necessity to leaving your apartment, you’re likely looking for a classic eyelash extension. Classic extensions are 1:1 lashes, meaning that your beauty professional will apply a single extension to a single natural lash to help fill in your natural lashes. Classic extensions are typically thicker — don’t worry, we will get to the thickness measurements — because they are spaced out further.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes, on the other hand, are meant to fill and volumize your natural lashes. To obtain a full effect, volume lashes feature anywhere from two to five lashes on each fan for a 1: 2-5 eyelash application. Because each of the fans has several lashes, they are often finer than classic extensions and are spaced a little further on your natural lashes. Volume lashes are perfect for those who have sparse lashes or bald spots, or simply want a more dramatic look.

Lash Extension Length

Extension length is exactly what it sounds like — how long the extensions are. When it comes to eyelash extensions, everything is measured in millimeters, so the numbers 7 through 13 denote the length in millimeters. There are shorter extensions available on the market — down to 5mm — and longer ones — up to 20mm. However, the average length of natural lashes is 10mm, so a range of 7 to 13 accommodates the typical client. In fact, 10mm is on the longer end of the spectrum and as you near 13mm, it begins to be more and more obvious that the eyelashes are false. Many people report 15mm being way too much and 20mm appearing exaggerated even for a costume or stage look.

For a more natural look, your beauty professional will likely recommend lash extensions that are the same length, or perhaps a millimeter or two longer than your natural lashes, depending on the desired effect. Once you know how long your natural lashes are, you will be better armed to place your extension order.

Eyelash Extension Width

Eyelash extension width refers to the girth of individual hairs. The typical eyelash hair is between 0.09 and 0.16 millimeters thick. Eyelash width varies just like head hair does and can be fine or course. To mimic natural lashes, eyelash extensions are available in various widths as well. Elleebana Eyelash Extensions are available in 0.05 to 0.25 to give you the desired effect. Your beauty professional will evaluate your natural lashes to determine which width would look best on your eyes. Again, you can use the finer or thicker widths that differ from your natural lashes, based on the look you are attempting to achieve.

When you are using classic lash extensions, the widths will tend to remain a little thicker, such as 0.15 to 0.25 because fewer hairs are being applied. However, for volume lashes, finer extensions are used because so many more individual hairs are being applied to create a thicke, fuller look.

Eyelash Extension Curl

The last, and maybe most important, measurement of eyelash extensions is the curl. The curl of lashes is probably the easiest to visually understand. Eyelash curl is denoted with a letter that best represents the curl shape. For instance, the Elleebana Eyelash Extensions available at My Absolute Beauty are available in B, C, D, and J. J is the most natural look and the most common shape of natural lash curl. Just imagine the letter “J” with an upward curl. C is a more lifted curl and the most common curl shape for false lashes. B is a more subtle upward curl, while D is a more extreme curl.

Because Elleebana Eyelash Extensions are hand-cut, rolled, and heat set to retain their curl, once you have them placed, you won’t have to worry about shaping or curling your lashes.

Now that you have a better understanding of natural lash measurements and eyelash extension measurements, we hope that you can make a well-informed decision on your lash extension experience and that you are now well aware how stunning an “order” of volume 3:1, 0.07mm x 10mm extensions with a D curl would be. At My Absolute Beauty, we train all of our beauty professionals on the latest techniques, products, and trends so that they are equipped to give you flawless lashes that are nothing to bat an eye at. Visit us online to learn more about eyelash extensions — you can read some of our previous posts — and browse our high-quality Elleebana eyelash extensions. Find an Elleebana-certified beauty professional near you and schedule your lash extensions today!

The post Demystifying Eyelash Extensions — Beauty Jargon Simplified appeared first on My Absolute Beauty.

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